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    I am amazed at all the theories here..some things I would never of thought of..

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    Prior Lake, MN moving to Utah in June 2010

    Theory-Overview-Questions and What I know


    http://blogs.discovery.com/criminal_report THE TAPES-interrogation

    By now you heard the story that Casey Anthony took her 3yr old daughter to her Nanny to babysat Caylee while Casey went to work at Universal Studios as an event coordinator. Only when she returned to the Sawgrass apartments where Zanny the nanny lives- Zanaida Gonzales was gone. This was on June 16, 2008 the day after father's day. By now you have learned that Casey decided to just go to her bf apartment- Anthony (TonE) L. and live it up party her brains out for the next 31 days. Until her mom Cindy tracks her down and drags her home and calls 911 on July 15, 2008.

    Here is some interesting notes….TonE leaves for NY on June 29 to July 5….it is surmised that Casey spent some of these days with William W.. Here is where it gets interesting….Williams W. is friends with LR and L.is on Zanaida Gonzales- top 8 friend on Myspace… is in fact the Zanaida G. that the police interviewed as the person who visited Sawgrass apartment on June 17, 2008. William W. visited Casey Anthony in jail on July 29, 2008.

    William W. from log at jail - http://blogs.discovery.com/criminal_...tation_log.pdf


    William W. visits Casey Anthony in jail July 29, 2008 7pm
    William W.
    Laura Rose
    Zanaida G. -ZG

    ZG- the alleged nanny- the person who physically went to the Sawgrass Apt on June 17 to view a potential apt….also she states she visited every apt on that street that day not just Sawgrass. She states she does not know Casey or Caylee or any of the Anthony's.

    oops I forgot to tell you all Casey Anthony left comments on these myspace pages also....Casey is members/friends of all these pages except for ZG....now some one sd they found 3 Zanaida's as frds on Casey myspace page. I believe them as they are hackers and they keep opening up these frd myspace page to allow us to do screen shots and trace all these people. You should see the 100's of party pictures of Casey and these people. Facebook is filled with them. I have the screen shot and frd shot of ZG and L. page. William is still open read his blog it is about him cheating on his gf with a chick in his backseat of a car...hmmmm

    My opinion: Casey is a pathological liar who takes stuff from other peoples life and assimilates into her life. There are over 110 ZG in the Orlando area and it is a common name in Florida. In the state of Florida over 60 people with the name ZG are on probation.

    Casey postal worker 6 miles from her home is named ZG. The name ZG can be traced to Casey many times over the problem is none of them know her or her kid.

    My opinion: Casey killed her daughter out of a jealous rage directed at Cindy A. plain and simple. Casey is a cold blooded sociopath….Casey reinvents reality every morning; she has a long provable history of one night stands that Casey tries to turn into fast intimate relationships.

    George Anthony was a cop in Ohio but Cindy thought George could make more money and inherit his fathers business if George went to work for his father.

    Cindy wanted George to go into business with George's father (His father's was Antony's Auto Sales in downtown Niles) in the used car business. George never got along with his father but Cindy wanted money and the nice life style.

    George and his father fought; they got into a fight at the lot and George put his father through a plate glass window. George was asked to leave. George took a mortgage out on his home and purchased a small lot just down from his father car lot. (George's was on Youngstown-Warren road in Niles near McKinley Plaza.) When the lot went under they lost their home in Niles, Ohio.1987. By the way, one of George's sisters married a car dealer in Austintown. They are doing very well. Cindy was a bit envious of the way his sister lived and wanted the good life for herself. They then moved to Florida 1988 and assumed a mortgage at their present location...

    Cindy has a nursing degree (RN) at that time but didn't use it until they lost their home in Niles. She had worked for Dr. Sterle in Howland as his lead nurse. She got a good job in Orlando working for a doctor's clinic that had the Orlando Magic as clients.

    June 15, 2008 fight was about Casey stealing money from her grandparents. She stole a check for $354 from her granddad's nursing home account that even Cindy's mom couldn't cash. The bank had to reimburse Cindy's dad's account. Cindy's mom wanted the bank to press charges but Cindy somehow got Casey out of it. That is what the fight was about. They had just visited Cindy's dad on father's day- June 15, 2008. Cindy's mom was very unhappy with Cindy for not doing something about Casey. Cindy and Casey got into it. Big blowup that the neighbors overheard.

    At Cindy's brother wedding in May 2005 Casey was seven months pregnant and she lied and said she had just gained a few pounds. Her belly was extended and her belly button was sticking out over a half an inch. Cindy insisted that Casey was a virgin and was not pregnant. Casey finally was forced to the doctors after Cindy's brother Rick told Cindy that she is either pregnant or is going to die from a tumor the size of a baby. They believed her because she said she never ever had sex.

    Lee had a DUI. (Casey brother)

    Cindy filed for divorce in 2005 because George had an online gambling habit that nearly ended their marriage. He ran up thousands of dollars gambling. They lost their first home from the bankrupt car lot that George mortgaged their home on….in 1989 they purchased the current family home for 90k….now 16 years later they refinanced their home to the tune of 121k…to pay for George Anthony's gambling debt. That's a loss of 70k…. NOW in 2008 Cindy found out Casey opened credit cards in Cindy's name and ran up charges of over 45 k but Cindy says 12k is Casey…what is the other amount from?

    Why did Cindy dip into her 401k plan at work to pay credit cards? What has George done for employment since 1989? We learned he has a new job that he started July 15 the day all heck broke loose at the Anthony home. Casey was arrested on July 16. July 15 is the day Cindy called 911…

    Amy is the friend that casey spent July 2 to the 5th with and then borrowed her car while she was in Puerto Rico from July 8 to July 15, 2008. casey stole her check book.

    7-08-08 1845 hours to 7-15-08 1530 Amy in Puerto Rico

    Check's stolen and written

    Check 142- 7-08-08 Target Orlando $111.01
    Check 143- 7-10-08 Target Winter Gardens $137.77
    Check 144- 7-10-08 Target Orlando $155.47
    Check 145- 7-12-08 Winn Dixie $92.62
    Check 146- 7-15-08 Cash- Bank of America - $250.00
    AT&T electronically processed check- $574

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYy30_Jxx1c Greta- Anthony's parents interview view into the bedrooms/house

    http://www.youtube.com/user/bigjuicykungfu lots video

    6-18-08 shovel- borrowed from the neighbor

    Holly G babysat Caylee for one year- interview with her on NG


    Casey's cellphone calls on June 16th, 2008
    3:03pm - George Anthony's Cell (67 min to the next call) *Casey's father
    4:10pm - Cindy Anthony's Work (1 minutes to the next call) *Casey's mother
    4:11pm - Cindy Anthony's Cell (2 minutes to the next call) *Casey's mother
    4:13pm - Cindy Anthony's Cell (1 minutes to the next call) *Casey's mother
    4:14pm - Cindy Anthony's Work (5 minutes to the next call) *Casey's mother
    4:19pm - Anthony Lazzaro (2 minutes to the next call) *Casey's Boyfriend
    4:21pm - Jesse Grund (3 minutes to the next call) *Casey's ex-Boyfriend
    4:24pm - Cindy Anthony's Cell (8 minutes to the next call) *Casey's mother
    6:32pm - The Anthony Home (1 minute to the next call) *Casey's mother and father's house
    6:33pm - Voicemail (33 minutes to the next call) *
    7:06pm - The Anthony Home (14 minutes to the next call) *Casey's mother and father's house
    7:20pm - Amy Huizenga (? anymore calls after that) *Casey's close friend at the time

    June 17th's Tuesday's records were not revealed

    June 18th Casey's Call Log

    12:33pm - The Anthony Home
    12:34pm - Cindy Anthony's Cell
    12:35pm - The Anthony Home
    12:36pm - George Anthony Cell
    1:09pm - Cindy Anthony's Cell
    1:11pm - The Anthony Home

    http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&tab=wl street view 232 JP, A, Riccardo- home

    Zanny the Nanny is a character in a childrens book-
    Double Trouble Squared: A Starbuck Family Adventure, Book One by Kathryn Lasky Excerpt - page 34: "... Zanny the Nanny ….ZANNY DUGGAN had parked a block away and begun to ..." Shadows in the Water: A Starbuck Family Adventure, Book Two by Kathryn Lasky
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    You are very astute and I agree with you about everything.

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    I originally thought she left her in the car while partying and she suffocated in the heat.
    Now since the cholorform information, I think she drugged her and she overdosed...and she dumped her in water (since they claim they checked the yard and the landfill). Water is the only answer as she no longer had the shovel from the neighbor to dig in a park and would not just throw her on open grass.

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    Seems like some sound ideas here. I wish someone would disprove this from the facts because the one thing that has been proven is that Casey can not control her lying or she has been told to make up stories to confound everyone. If there is a chance someone has Caylee she needs to be found. Sure sounds like a kidnap hoax except for the science aspect. Boils down to the hair science on LE side unless they have a lot more.

    Referring to post 328
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    **Could Caylee really be in Hiding with **

    I have this thought that keeps going through my head, is it possible that Caylee is really with a friend of caseys and they had it all set up to make it look like she was kidnapped/died. What keeps me think this is that JG was in law enforcement he would have known how to help CA to make it look this way.

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    and the dead body got into the car how? Did JG cover that, too?

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    I wish this theory was true. However, I don't think a friend would have held out this long. With the reward money out there, and with the attention, I think a friend would have broke by now..
    Justice For Caylee Marie

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    and the cadaver dogs hit on what again?

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    Anything 'could' have happened or be happening.

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    Why would Casey want to make it look like Caylee was dead? Does she enjoy prison that much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carrington View Post
    Maybe Caylee wasn't dead. Maybe Casey just thought she was and put her in the truck, where she later died.
    THAT is what concerns me! I'm a nurse. "Dead" people are can often be resuscitated, or sometimes come back, on their own.

    How did KC know she was dead? She is not a physician.

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    Just a friendly FYI there is a thread for "theories" here:


    “Do you not know that there comes a midnight hour when every one has to throw off his mask? Do you believe that life will always let itself be mocked? Do you think you can slip away a little before midnight in order to avoid this? Or are you not terrified by it?" - Soren Kierkegaard

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    1. Cadaver Dogs

    2. Decomposing Body in Trunk (The last I checked -- Glade doesn't make a plug-in this scent)

    3. DNA

    Any more questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nocgirl View Post
    Believe it or not this is the first I have heard of this case.

    What about the new lead that a woman saw this child at the Orlando Apt July 2nd? could this woman be mistaken?
    A lot of the leads haqve been "not credible," or mistaken. A lot of two or three year olds look a lot alike. AND, the4 eye finds what the mind seeks.

    In summary: yes.

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