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    Burglary Suspect to Minnesota Cops: 'Dude, I Can't Talk, I'm Being Chased by the Poli


    Burnsville, Minn. detectives went to arrest Clevenger for the burglary charge Tuesday, only to see someone matching his description drive away in a stolen Dodge Durango, according to MyFOXTwinCities.

    The detectives tried calling Clevenger, who answered his cell phone saying, "Dude, I can't talk, I'm being chased by the police," and then hung up, MyFOXTwinCities reported.


    He remains at large. lol why did he even bother to answer?? lol

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    This one made me laugh!! I guess there really are all kinds of people out there!

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    That guy was Dumb and Dumber wrapped up in one lol. How stupid can you get. I enjoyed this story....Thanks Chico
    Rest in Peace Baby P xx

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    I wonder if they will fine him for talking on the cell phone well driving
    Joann thank you for showing me all the beautiful things in this world especially yourself!!!

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