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    FL - Mary Ann Lambert, 21, Pompano Beach, 13 Sept 1983

    This woman has been identified!



    The only thing that gets me is why didn't anyone claim she was missing. I didn't find her in any missing persons reports.

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    FL - Mary Ann Lambert, 21, Pompano Beach, 1983

    Body Identified After 26 Years

    Brother Recognizes Sister's Picture Online

    POSTED: Monday, August 3, 2009
    UPDATED: 1:48 pm EDT August 3, 2009

    POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- A body found in a Pompano Beach field 26 years ago was finally identified when a family member found her picture on a Broward Sheriff's Office web page featuring unidentified victims.

    The woman, who had a homemade Playboy bunny tattoo on her abdomen, remained completely unidentified until 2008. According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, investigators resubmitted four partial fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's latent section, which identified the woman as Tina Moore.

    Moore was arrested in Broward County in the early 1980s, and detectives knew she had an alias of Mary Ann Lambert. Police said she never gave them next-of-kin information and was never reported as a missing person. BSO posted her picture and information on its "Found & Forgotten" page in the hope that someone could identify her family.

    More at link:
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    FL - Body Identified After 26 Years

    In 1983, a female body was found in a vacant field in Pompano Beach. But no family had reported the woman missing. It wasn't till 2008 that the fingerprints were matched to those of a young woman who had multiple arrests in Broward County: Tina Moore. Or at least that was the name she had given police, who also documented an alias, Mary Ann Lambert. And that turned out to be her actual name, according to a release by the Broward Sheriff's Office.


    Detectives now know Lambert lived at 1811 N.W. 2nd Terr., Pompano Beach, seven blocks away from where her body was found, and that she also associated with two adult dancers at a gentlemen's club called Cheetah III in Pompano Beach. One had a stage name of "Snow" and the other was "Dawn." Mary Lambert and Dawn may have shared an apartment in Lighthouse Point.


    Never reported missing.
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    A family gets answers today! I am so glad her brother happened to be looking online!

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    I think this is one reason so many people are still unidentified. Family members, for whatever reason, fail to report their loved ones missing. RIP Tina, I am glad that you finally have your name back.
    Happy New Years

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    Rest in Peace Tina. Prayers for your family.
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