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    France - Valentin Cremault, 11, stabbed to death, Lagnieu, 28 July 2008

    I just heard about it on TV, that's terrible, poor boy.


    Boy stabbed 40 times
    30/07/2008 14:06 - (SA)

    Lagnieu, Ain - French police launched a major murder hunt on Wednesday after an 11-year-old boy was stabbed more than 40 times and his body left in the street in a small country town.
    Paramedics at first thought the boy, who has only been named as Valentin, had been attacked by an animal, investigators said. But a medical examiner told police that the wounds had been inflicted with a knife-like instrument. Prosecutor Jean-Paul Gandoliere said that Valentin had been stabbed about 40 times to the throat, body and arms.

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    From August 2008:


    Homeless man Stephane Moitoiret was arrested on Sunday with his girlfriend Noella Hego in connection with the murder...

    However, psychologists must first clarify whether 39-year-old Moitoiret is certifiably sane. According to his mother, both he and Hego suffer from a persecution complex and for years have effectively lived in their own world...

    A DNA probe matched Moitoiret with traces of blood found on the tracksuit worn by Valentin.
    From November 2013:


    Stéphane Moitoiret was sentenced Friday, November 22, to thirty years' imprisonment for the murder in 2008 in the small Valentin Ain. His ex-girlfriend and co-accused, Noella Hégo, was acquitted of murder charges accomplice, but sentenced to five years in prison with one year suspended for "non-assistance endangered" and attempted kidnapping of another child.

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