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    AL - Thomas Arthur on death row for '82 murder of Troy Wicker

    You all are so fabulous, i know someone can help me with this.

    Thomas Arthur will be executed on 07-31-2008 for the murder of Troy Wicker in Muscle Shoals Alabama. Of course there is a bunch of info online about how innocent he is. They want DNA testing done on a rape kit taken from the wife. At first she said an AA man broke in raped and beat her and killed her husband. It turns out she an Arthur Thomas who had been having an affair did the deed.

    Anyway I cannot find the court document I pulled up when posting to my local radio station to please stop talking about Arthur Thomas because he was guilty.

    This is the info in that post and what I read on the court document denial for DNA testing. I know I didn't dream reading it but all I can find now are "he is innocent" sites that post his appeals but not the courts response.

    #1 a waitress bought him bullets for exactly the same type of gun used in the murder.

    #2 another witness saw him throwing a garbage bag filled with stuff into the river after the murder.

    #3 he had NO WITNESSES to him being at work that day.

    #4 he killed his sister in law by shooting her in the eye just like Mr. Wicker was killed. He shot another lady twice during that attack. He shot a guard in NECK during his escape. He kidnapped a woman when he carjacked her and he robbed a bank.

    #5 they found the Wicker's car in a college parking lot with Arthur's fingerprints all over it and an african American wig in it.

    No other site mentions these things. I feel like I'm going crazy!

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    Another inmate's confession halts execution

    Only in alabama.....

    MOBILE, Alabama (AP) -- The Alabama Supreme Court postponed executing a man after an inmate claimed in an sworn statement to defense attorneys that he committed the murder that sent the condemned man to death row.

    But Wicker's widow, who served 10 years of a life sentence for hiring the killer, told attorney general investigators that she never met Gilbert.
    "I hired and paid money to Thomas Arthur, not Bobby Gilbert, to kill Troy Wicker," Judy Wicker said in a statement Monday.

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    If he's being executed, I'd hope they had enough evidence against him proving he did it, that a confession wouldn't make a difference. Now, if they do NOT have enough evidence for that, he shouldn't be on death row to begin with.
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    I've read a synopsis of the case, not exactly what you wrote, but you might like to take a look: http://www.prodeathpenalty.com/Pending/08/jul08.htm

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    Alabama inmate fights to halt execution, 'won't give up'

    "MONTGOMERY, Ala. Tommy Arthur has had his execution postponed seven times since 2001, so many delays that victims' rights advocates derisively call him the "Houdini" of death row. He says he is innocent and is fighting for an eighth reprieve, but he is losing optimism: "They are going to kill me this time."

    Arthur, now 75, is scheduled to be put to death at 6 p.m. CDT Thursday for the 1982 murder-for-hire slaying of Troy Wicker.

    Wicker's wife, Judy, initially told police she came home and was raped by a black man who shot and killed her husband. After her conviction, she changed her story and testified that she had discussed killing her husband with Arthur, who wore a wig and painted his face in an attempt to look like a black man.

    But he is unequivocal: "I did not commit that crime," he said during a recent telephone interview from prison...."


    Tommy ARTHUR

    "Classification: Murderer

    Characteristics: Murder for hire - To collect insurance money

    Number of victims: 1

    Date of murder: February 1, 1982

    Date of arrest: April 1982

    Date of birth: 1942

    Victim profile: Troy Wicker, 35 (his girlfriend's husband)

    Method of murder: Shooting

    Location: Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA

    Status: Sentenced to death on December 5, 1991..."


    Judy Wicker breaks silence after 27 years

    Apr 26, 2009

    "An unidentified man walks with Judy Wicker during her 1982 trial for the murder-for-hire killing of her husband, Troy Wicker, of Muscle Shoals. Tommy Arthur was convicted of capital murder for the killing and is on death row at Holman Prison. Judy Wicker now shuns any photos or publicity about the killing.

    More than 27 years after the shooting death of her husband, Judy Wicker is on a crusade to keep the man convicted of killing him in prison.

    "I will die before I see him walk out of prison," she said of Thomas Douglas Arthur's latest attempts to be released from death row.

    Meanwhile, Arthur's daughter, Sherrie Stone, is on a crusade of her own aimed at seeing the conviction overturned.

    These opposing efforts met face to face when Wicker and Stone visited each other in an emotional discussion of the case...."


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