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I am not as good a teacher as I am a student, unfortunately.

The basic natal chart is a map. It shows the positions of the planets at a moment in time, usually the time of one's birth. The planets keep on moving after that moment, and form aspects to the natal positions over time.

The theory is that by watching these movements, we can get information about when events are going to happen in the individual's life. The German method only pays attention to the aspects that are considered "hard/challenging", and pretty much ignores the "soft" aspects.

I will look around on the web, and see who has the best "lessons" available for free, for those of you who want a better understanding of the basics.
No problem. I will go look at the site you listed, but I must forewarn...I chose to go to law school because my brain doesn't work like a scientist lol.

I guess my main question is this--

Can you definitely tell by a chart like this if, indeed, someone has died, or is it more or less showing that there may have been some major life event on this day (say like her being kidnapped on the 17th or 18th)?

During the Lauterbach investigation, someone on WS got the birth info on Laurean's child from a website. I believe that it showed everything except her name.

IF we could get a birth time for you, COULD you tell if she died?

Forgive my ignorance. I tried to learn about astrology when I was a teenager and I was too confused to get much out of it.