LOS ANGELES -- A recently released county report detailed numerous instances of misconduct by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

Among the inappropriate behavior described in the report were allegations that a deputy had sex with a stripper while on-duty, one sold department life vests on eBay and another was suspended for 15 days for having a romantic relationship with a 17-year-old female Explorer Scout.

The 39-page report from the county's Office of Independent Review covers actions taken over the last three months of 2003 involving allegations against more than 100 deputies.

Of the department's 8,200 deputies, 37 were fired last year for offenses that included theft, drug use and domestic violence.

Gennaco said he has identified a troubling trend of on-duty sexual conduct among deputies, which includes consensual sexual acts, improper relationships with minors and the use of patrol cars to follow women.