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    PA - Danieal Kelly, 14, disabled, starved to death, Philadelphia, 4 Aug 2006

    How horrific and cruel. I'm glad to see the social workers charged too.

    PHILADELPHIA — Four social workers were among nine people charged Thursday in the death of a disabled 14-year-old girl who authorities say wasted away from neglect before dying at 42 pounds.
    Danieal Kelly's mother was charged with murder; counts against other defendants range from involuntary manslaughter to perjury. District Attorney Lynne Abraham said any of the nine could have foreseen the horrific fate of Danieal, whose emaciated body was found in her mother's squalid house covered with bone-deep, maggot-infested bedsores in August 2006.
    Abraham had scathing words for the city's Department of Human Services, calling its handling of the case "callous, indifferent, unconscionable" — and all too familiar.
    "Danieal did not fall through the cracks," she said. "It was a failure of institutional inclination. Saving Danieal was just too much trouble."
    more: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,395643,00.html

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    Oh, White Rain, what a sad story. This poor little angel.

    Family members neglected her. Friends of the family looked the other way while it was going on. Social Service caseworkers falsified documents about her case to cover their butts.

    Wonderful though that they are going after so many that were involved in this child's abuse, neglect and death.

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    It's about time they start charging social workers and case workers involved in such cases!
    I know some really excellent case workers who will go out on a limb for people; then there are others who are lumps on logs and do nothing.
    My prayers for that poor girl, she is in a better place now..

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    Here's what I find to be the scariest part:

    From the link
    Abraham said that although at least 55 children have died under the agency's watch, it has given only "lip service to halfhearted corrective action."

    "You can't continue to bury these children and say things are getting better when they're not," she said.

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    This might be the wakeup call that community and organisation needs.

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    How do people who know this and others cases like it are going on ,just go on living their daily lives doing nothing about it. Everyone involved, including the friends of the "mother". How do they just walk around and not care. Not do anything to help as it goes on and on? I can't understand.

    It's like so many people have become like the "pod people" on the old fifties movie " The Body Snatchers". No human feelings. No emotions.

    The part about the "mother" keeping the little girl's brother from calling an ambulance for his sister was especially heart breaking. The poor little boy trying to help his sister. He's the only one who cared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by montana_16 View Post
    How do people who know this and others cases like it are going on ,just go on living their daily lives doing nothing about it. Everyone involved, including the friends of the "mother". How do they just walk around and not care. Not do anything to help as it goes on and on? I can't understand.
    Unfortunately there's many reasons, montana. Sometimes there's a so called code of ethics as in minding your own business. Some people would see it as snitching. I'm just speculating here, but socio economics often plays a role.

    Absolutely I am not saying that all people of a lower socio economic background would allow a child to suffer like this poor child, but I can see it happening when some people's daily lives have enough chaos and suffering without worrying about others.

    Ultimately DHS of course again dropped the ball and more. Once again here they will try and rebuild. Our Mayor gave a speech saying if you can't be 100% commited then we don't want you in this government job. It's horrible to say but I don't know if that will help up the road. The saddest part of all is this little girl suffered like she did and it's too late for her.

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    I was reading Mayor Nutter's comments on this and I have to say I have never seen him make comments like this. He's pissed!


    "I read the grand jury report not just as the mayor of this city but also as the father of a daughter," Nutter said.
    "It is appalling. It is outrageous. And I am heartbroken by what has happened here."
    He added, "I am fully, thoroughly and completely pissed off about what has happened here . . . When I think of my own daughter and if she were in someone else's care and [city workers] performed the way some of these individuals did, I would kick their ass myself."

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    Parents sue

    As if the starvation death of your child isn't bad enough as she lay with bed sores through to the bone in a sweltering room as a parent suing the agency that also failed your child is a top priority. Right?

    Especially when you are the father that gave your child her name, but hadn't seen her in two years. I had read that in another article today.

    How does this work?


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    Social workers trial starts for death of Danielle Kelly

    Trial opens for social workers in death of Danieal Kelly

    Four former employees of a city-funded social-service agency will go on trial in federal court today on charges stemming from the death of Danieal Kelly, the 14-year-old with cerebral palsy who died in 2006 of starvation at her mother's apartment.

    The now-defunct agency was supposed to provide care for the teen and other at-risk children with federal funds funneled through the city's Department of Human Services. But federal prosecutors charge that Michal Kamuvaka, who ran MultiEthnic Behavioral Health Inc., instead billed the city for services it never provided - including home visits that never happened - purportedly to care for the girl.

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    I hope the pigs are charged with accessory to murder!!!

    I can't say what I really hope!


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    let's pray this is justified, & ensure these people pay their dues.

    absolutely disgusting.

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    I can think of a few other jurisdictions that had better be watching this outcome very very closely....
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    Come on, come on, set the precedent, set the precedent. Just set the dam precedent so we can start limiting the negligence and prosecuting those that won't admit that they are too burned out or overworked or apathetic to do the job.

    ETA: Or too greedy, or evil...or insert your favorite adjective here.
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    JMO. Unless there's a link, I can't prove it.

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    One of my dearest and sweetest friends found out about this case and posted about it on her facebook page.

    She is angry and heartbroken and I don't blame her. She asked me when this is going to stop and I don't know what to tell her.

    When is this going to stop? Not in our lifetime I am afraid.

    At least child abuse is down. That's something but one case is too many.

    And L.A. County is no longer going to strive to reunite the family. Why in the name of God a court wouldn't put what is best for the child above the parent in the first place is beyond me.

    These beautiful babies deserve a decent life.


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