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    Canada - Scott Loper Tortured in Canadian Jail - His 11-Year-Old Son Missing

    Scott Loper, a U.S. citizen living in Canada, was a good cop, highly trained in surveillance and criminal investigation.

    On the verge of exposing a police-run narcotics ring in Durham, Ontario, Loper was discovered by the ring and imprisoned for four years on extorted charges.

    Denied his rights to U.S. Consulate protection under the Vienna Convention, Loper was tortured to the point where he often questioned his ability to make it out alive.

    Originally, the cops tried to have Loper committed to a mental institution. Their apparent plan was to get him admitted to the institution, stating he was making wild and crazy allegations about the police. They accomplished the admission, then ransacked his house looking for the evidence against them - recordings and video tapes.

    While Loper was being evaluated, his wife filed a restraining order, apparently due to extortion on the part of the rogue cops. When the mental doctors gave him a clean bill of health, Loper immediately called his wife. "I can't talk to you - they'll take Eddy away!", she cried.

    Ten minutes later, Loper was met by a gang of cops who beat him up and arrested him for violation of a restraining order. He was sentenced to two years, during which time he wrote a letter to a relative to contact his wife and plead with her to go to the authorities. That letter cost him another 2 years for again violating the restraining order.

    When, almost 4 years after his incarceration, a whistleblower on the Durham, Ontario police force prompted an investigation of that department, Loper was released from jail and dumped on the U.S. border. For the most part, the investigation was whitewashed by Canadian authorities.

    Scott Loper lost everything he had, but for the clothes on his back. The whereabouts of his wife and son are unknown. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has washed his hands of protecting a U.S. citizen, while proclaiming, for political purposes, that he is a staunch supporter of torture victims' rights.

    Loper's son, Eddy, is now 11 years old.

    Scott Loper was denied his Vienna Convention rights to contact his embassy. While imprisoned, he went through an incredible ordeal of torture he is lucky to have survived.

    You can read the full story, including supporting documentation at http://www.ScottLoperStory.com
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    Scott Loper, whose personal battles for justice already are being highlighted on a new website, the ScottLoperStory.com, now is the subject of an action alert by RestoreTheRepublic.com

    snip...He said as an act of "solidarity" with Loper, his organization is releasing an action alert suggesting the 37,000 members of Restore the Republic contact Congress to demand hearings to review what took place while Loper was in custody in Canada.

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    Was his wife/son living with him in Canada? I can't see how the Canadian authorities could have anything to do with them.. USA is out of their jurisdiction.

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    From WorldNetDaily.com reports:

    Besides his pursuit of a complaint against Canada, he's been searching for his wife and son, Edward, now 11, who disappeared at the time of his jailing.
    Loper, who had moved to Canada so his wife at the time could be closer to her family, later divorced and remarried.
    While moving into a townhome with his second wife, Carolyn, they were welcomed by a beer-drinking crowd in the next unit who identified themselves as police officers, one of whom later warned him that a neighbor on the other side was "under surveillance" as a possible drug dealer.
    Loper's experience as a New Jersey officer alerted him, and he subsequently watched officers repeatedly sneak into the next-door unit. He bought some microphones and a tape recorder and installed the mikes so they would monitor what was going on, discovering that police officers in the Durham region allegedly were busting drug dealers being identified by his neighbor, then bringing the drugs to him for sale, he said.
    Before he could take his evidence to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's federal police unit, he was busted by local police, taken to a mental health facility and detained, he said.
    While he was confined, his townhome was ransacked, his tapes confiscated and his wife and young son disappeared. He recalls a last telephone call from Carolyn. "I love you but they'll take Eddie away!" were the last words he heard her say, Loper told WND.

    Released from the mental facility after a few days, he found his wife and son gone, and when he tried to find them, found himself the subject of a restraining order.

    He said he's been told stories of his wife now being in a witness relocation program, or considers the real possibility that she may have been part of the conspiracy to get rid of him in order to move forward with another man, possibly a police officer.

    Back in the United States, he's remarried and pursuing another line of work. But he still is demanding justice for what he experienced.


    So...He moved with wife #1 to Canada so she could be closer to home, then divorced her, married #2 (Carolyn) and had Eddy with her...She filed a restraining order and disappears, he then returns to the US and marries #3 ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowangel View Post
    So...He moved with wife #1 to Canada so she could be closer to home, then divorced her, married #2 (Carolyn) and had Eddy with her...She filed a restraining order and disappears, he then returns to the US and marries #3 ???
    Odd fellow to say the least, perhaps he really does have mental issues. I don't know what the truth really is but Loper's initiative of bugging his neighbors doesn't sound like the most brilliant idea. It was very likely illegal because he had no mandate (being a former cop doesn't authorize one to self-appoint as one, especially not in a different country) and obviously he had no warrant or the means to obtain one so whatever info he could have collected would have been worthless in court. So he did commit a crime (illegal surveillance) which was enough to have him prosecuted and, if found guilty, deported after serving his sentence.

    Be it just for that I doubt his lawsuit against Canada will go anywhere. He can only sue Canada for actions committed by federal agents, not the Durham PD which is a municipal agency. From what I understand the only action taken against him by federal agents was to deport him, which was legal since he was a convicted felon and didn't hold Canadian citizenship. I'm talking about the illegal surveillance offense to which he self-admitted, whether or not other charges were trumped up are not the concern of federal authorities, it seems to me that he was legally deported. As for being dumped at the boder there is no law that says US citizens kicked out of another country should be welcomed back with a red carpet, flowers and champagne. I highly doubt anyone important in Congress will make a diplomatic incident out of this.

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    I read through a lot of that website, and it made my brain hurt. All I can say is that if I were seriously looking for my child I would not take up the whole page with a bunch of legal stuff about the Canadian government. Instead, the entire first page of the website would be pictures of my child and age progression photos. And pics of the wife, whom he was last seen with.

    He may have lost everything, but did he never send pics of his wife and son to a family member or friend who could give him back a copy? School pictures? Anything? That just doesn't make sense.

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    I'm still trying to figure out how he got from wife #2 to wife #3... Was a divorce granted in absentia? Was it annulled since he couldn't find wife #2? Did she terminate the marriage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelmom View Post
    I read through a lot of that website, and it made my brain hurt. All I can say is that if I were seriously looking for my child I would not take up the whole page with a bunch of legal stuff about the Canadian government. Instead, the entire first page of the website would be pictures of my child and age progression photos. And pics of the wife, whom he was last seen with.

    He may have lost everything, but did he never send pics of his wife and son to a family member or friend who could give him back a copy? School pictures? Anything? That just doesn't make sense.
    Pretty much all my thoughts exactly. And yes, the site made my brain hurt, too.

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    Sorry I don't believe stories. This story is one person's "account" of what happened to him. This is from the dark depths of his mind.

    But, where is evidence. The witness. The documents. The trial transcripts. The MENTAL HEALTH report. I would really want to read the mental health report.

    I believe this just like I believe that Princess Diana was the victim of an conspiracy. Please.......

    The man was in Canada illegally. He played cop illegally. He says he made illegal video tapes and recordings.

    I want some proof of what this man says, not just a story.........

    Frankly it sounds much too far fetched for me to believe that no less then 40 some odd people were involved in a conspiracy and that no record of his arrest or living in Canada can be found.

    Maybe someone would want to change the name of this tread to "man claims" to have been tortured in Canada. After all in Gitmo, torture is a documented and proven fact. The "story" that this man puts forth is just that a story, until of course his allegations have evidence and proof.

    Oh by the way, how about the Crown, duty counsel, the Judge. What have we heard from them.

    I have never read a newspaper article or anything about this. It is as if this never happened. Go figure.......

    Oh would someone want to change the "thread" title to "Man claims to have been tortured in Canadian jail. Because that is all, an undocumented, un proven allegation. He claims to have been tortured. That is his unfounded allegation", which last time I checked was not fact. So tell me where is the "proof" and evidence of this man claim.

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    I wonder what kind of standing that Loper had with the LE department that he left? Was he working in Canada?

    I would think that as an ex-officer he would be very familiar with the legal issues in taking a drug dealer to court and the importance of LE involvement. He would also be familiar with how oversight of local departments work. IE if the local department is involved then in the US you would go to the State Police or one of the alphabet agencies. In Canada I guess you would go to the Mounties. Yet he didn't do this?

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    He had no legal status in Canada. He was an illegally in Canada.

    I guess he just entered the country and decided to settle in Whitby and low and behold uncover a major drug ring that involves police officers and then decided in `the cop`wisdom he has to illegal video taping and bugging. Now what he might have done with this since it was illegally obtained and not admissible in court is beyond me.

    Whitby is a "bedroom" community north of Toronto. In 2006, Whitby had a whole 115K population. BTW, this man could have easily have gone to the OPP(Ontario Provincial Police) which is akin to the state police in the USA.

    How did he find this drug ring. Whom did he tell. A lot of details are very much lacking and if details were provided, who is to say that they are based in fact and truth.

    Again, I just find this a bit far fetched especially in a sleepy town like Whitby. Oh by the way, Durham is an municipality, a rather large area. Durham Regional Police has about 800 uniformed officers.

    I find it very hard to believe that there is no record at all anywhere of what Scott claims.

    Too many people are involved in police cases from the arrest to court dates to cover up the entire episode.

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    My hinky meter went on red alert after about three paragraphs of this story. Note to self: arm my family with flame thowers against Canadian imperialist.....or something.....

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    Made Up Story?

    "Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."
    "It is most difficult to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat."
    -- Confucius

    So, this man makes up a story that he has been captured and tortured just because he is bored?
    What is it you think he would have to gain by such action?

    Interesting comments!
    What I find most interesting is the strong propensity of the commenters to find something wrong in the story of the victim, with seemingly little concern that there may be real validity in his accusations.

    I would really like someone to explain to me what a person would gain by making up such a story, enlisting the aid of an attorney, Congress and the State Department, when there is no comprehensible reward other than seeking justice and parental rights.

    The majority of the comments also indicate a strong lack of understanding of the issue here, and its importance, as well as either a grasp of the facts or an understanding of what can go wrong when corrupt law enforcement, extortion and politics are at play.

    Whether one thinks Scott Loper's surveillance of illegal police activity was a smart thing to do or not; this is what he was trained to do. It is what he did, and he did so with a belief that the cause was just. He was trained in internal police department investigations. It certainly may have been unwise, but I am much more apt to applaud someone who stands up for righting a wrong that I am to condemn him. I find it real curious that I don't seem to be in much company here.

    Whether the surveillance evidence would have stood up in court is irrelevant. It would have given the RCMP sufficient knowledge and reason to set up a sting operation.

    Several comments also indicate a lack or reading the information provided on the ScottLoperStory.com Web site.

    So, just a few clarifications are in order here, I think.

    1. Scott Loper is not suing the Canadian government. The protection of his rights in Canada as a foreign citizen are supposed to be guaranteed by the Vienna Convention. It is the duty of the United States Government and our elected representatives within our government to see that our citizens are protected. That means you and me and Scott Loper.

    Scott Loper was not in Canada illegally. He moved to Canada because his 1st wife was Canadian and wanted to be closer to her family. When they divorced, he married Carolyn, another Canadian.

    3. The Whitby Jail was not a local municipal jail in the town of Whitby, but a maximum security prison, built in the 1800's, with a small inmate capacity. A video of the jail can be found on the Web site.

    In 1966, the facility, with a proclaimed capacity of 128 was housing approximately 186 prisoners. http://dsp-psd.pwgsc.gc.ca/Collectio...85-601-XIE.pdf

    The jail was demolished in 2003. In a 2004 report by the National Union of Correctional Officers and Youth Facility Workers, Ontario has built two mega-jails to replace 8 other jails, including Whitby. Population - 1,200 inmates each.

    4. Scott Loper does not know the fate of his wife or son. He spent 2 years in the Whitby Jail. He was then moved to another prison as they were making plans to close that facility. While he spent almost another 2 years in another facility, he kept his mouth shut. He was threatened that it would cost him his life if he spoke to anyone about illegal police activity or the abuse he had suffered.

    About the same time as his transfer to another facility, he was served with divorce papers from his wife Carolyn. He had no idea whether this was her decision or whether she was coerced.

    As time has gone on, Loper feels that Carolyn could have gone to authorities for protection. Since she obviously has not done that, he can only assume, if she is still alive, that her decisions, for whatever reason, are her own.

    Even if Scott Loper knew the whereabouts of his ex-wife and son, he would not be able to do anything without the help of the State Department. That department's Bureau of Consular Affairs Office of Children’s Issues, as noted on the Web site http://www.scottloperstory.com, is working on that matter. (Evidence from sources that cannot be disclosed indicates the Canadian Government knows the exact location of Loper's ex-wife and son.)

    There are eight member municipalities in Durham Region: the Town of Ajax, the Township of Brock, the Municipality of Clarington, the City of Oshawa, the City of Pickering, the Township of Scugog, the Township of Uxbridge and the Town of Whitby.

    The Durham Region is hardly your quiet little "bedroom" communities. http://www.citynews.ca/news/news_14627.aspx

    . Cyberlaw stated: "The 'story' that this man puts forth is just that a story, until of course his allegations have evidence and proof." Uh ... Cyberlaw - so are many of the "stories" on this forum. Evidence, truth and justice are what Scott Loper's struggle is all about. That will not happen unless the U.S. government stands up for the rights of its citizens. This is not only important to Scott Loper. it is important to all of us. Raising public awareness helps to interest the press, which will help to put pressure on our public officials to do their job.

    You also stated "Too many people are involved in police cases from the arrest to court dates to cover up the entire episode." and "How did he find this drug ring. Whom did he tell. A lot of details are very much lacking..."
    Go back and read the story, please. I find it always helps to know what you are commenting on before you comment. Works for me anyway.

    Accepting a blatantly false document from a foreign government as proof of that government's adherence to an international agreement is a travesty, and nothing but a valueless reason for Steny Hoyer to wash his hands of doing the job he is elected to do.

    As noted on the Scott Loper Web site, one Canadian Official's off the record comment to a reporter when questioned about the obvious cover-up of police corruption, was "Well, we can't have people losing faith in law enforcement now, can we."

    Corruption, extortion, witness intimidation, obstruction of justice are not new to the Toronto/Durham area. The normal manner of dealing with these problems is to transfer personnel (eg: Toronto to Durham) state that they have done an investigation, and proceed status quo. A little astute internet searching will bear me out on this. Or, you can just read "Canada's Approach to Combating Police Corruption" http://www.millerthomson.com/docs/DM...Canada2004.pdf
    "Review Sought in Police Corruption Case" http://www.thestar.com/News/GTA/article/299811

    It is up to the U.S. Government to put pressure on the Canadian Government to see this issue resolved. Had Scott Loper not been denied his right by international treaty to contact his embassy, non of this would have occurred and it would be members of the Durham Regional Police drug squad who would be sitting in prison.
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    Oh come on, why people do things, their motivations, their mental health, what they hope to gain in their mind, who knows.

    But I can tell you one thing, unless I have proof of a story and supporting documentation, then that is all it is, a story.

    There are some people in this world who "justify" doing things, saying things, blaming others for their own reasons.

    I really do again want to read a "mental health" report of this person.

    You see all we have is his story. Or are you from the school of thought that people don't make up stories, lie, fabricate etc.

    I have heard too many stories from too many people that have been refuted by evidence to believe a story by one person.

    Who knows what the motivation of some is. Only a mental health professional can give insight into reason as to why some people "may" do things.

    So again, show me the supporting documentation, evidence of corroboration and I will review it.

    Those would be things like trial transcripts, the presiding Judge, the Crown Attorney, the psych doctor. Little things like that.........

    What about a time line, the arresting officers names, anything that can "give a degree" of truth to what this person is saying.

    Because again, a story.......and how some people can tell stories very well.

    This guy was in Canada illegally, he was booted out. Now a Police Officer should now about entering a country illegally and conducted an illegal investigation. How was he supporting himself and his family while in a country illegally.

    Too much missing from the background of this story.

    Oh about the restraining order, what grounds was it granted on. Again, I need the facts. Facts as in reality, not a person's story.

    Two much of what this person "claims" does not correspond to the criminal justice system in Canada. Too many details lacking. But the simple fact that this man was doing many things illegal and was caught is very telling. I guess he is a criminal for entering the country illegally and further broke the law by illegally "bugging" phones.

    Because unless he was a party to the phone call, as in one party consent he would have been broken the law and now he "claims" that he is the victim. Oh, please how many times have I heard the criminal claim that he/she is a victim.

    He was deported and could be a little ticked off by that. Oh well, his motivation could be as simple as that. Could be for attention. Could be to have people work by proxy on his behalf.

    Who knows..........but again his story does not have a "ring" of truth to it. At all.

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    Can someone point me to a reputable news media or website that is commenting on this?

    I'm struggling with what to believe (as a Canadian and as someone who lives by the quote "the internet is a bathroom wall").

    I have found comments on VampireFreaks, GodlikeProductions, and a company called TuckProfessional that seems to own several CanadianHealth, CanadianAbuse etc. type of mega informational sites - I haven't read them but they appear at first glance to be anti-government, conspiracy sites.

    I am just looking for any source or interest or quote that is legitimate and a third party to start my search from and make some judgments from there. Anyone found one?
    I can be changed by what happens to me. I refuse to be reduced by it. Maya Angelou

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