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    Grandpa George is a cop

    IMO: By this time, LE/FBI has obtained a psychological profile on Casey. They realize they are not going to get any info out of her - that the only way to extract info from her is for her to give it up to those she "trusts" - her brother and her father are the most likely to fit this description.

    Since FBI met separately with George and Cindy and George is a former long-time cop, I would imagine FBI agents were straight and informative to George. Telling him he and son Lee could be the only ones who MIGHT be able to extract info from Casey. IF they follow instructions.

    Cindy is obviously losing it. George knows this. Brother Lee sounds like he has had Casey's number from the get-go, knows how to deal with her.

    I would be interested in hearing from those of you who state you have experience in dealing with Casey's type of "personality". How do you, if ever, get truthful information from them?

    I have heard both Father George and Brother Lee say "The truth is going to come out eventually. Why not make it easier and just tell it now?" (or words to that effect) This statement acknowledges that a lie has been told but seems to not put any kind of a big burden onto the lie-teller (Casey). Like, "It's okay that you lied in the past. No big deal. But how about telling the truth now?"

    As a mother, I have used this technique - when my children were 8, 9, or 10 and I knew and they knew they were "telling a whopper" in order to allow them to "save face".

    George has to be well aware of Casey's past behavioral patterns. Cindy's also. I feel really sorry for this man!

    But I think he is working WITH law enforcement at this time in order to either find his grandaughter or her remains.

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    Actually, I do have a family member that has this type of personality.

    Sociopathic/Psychopathic Personality

    It can be seen with:
    O.J. Simpson
    Scott Peterson
    Joran van der Sloot
    Casey Anthony
    etc, etc, etc.....

    A great sense of ENTITLEMENT/Superiority
    Lie at all costs to cover the truth
    Involved with illegal, dangerous situations
    Blame everyone for their problems
    Talk about anything but the TRUTH...Detachment
    No EMPATHY for others...It's "ALL ABOUT THEM"
    No empathy for victim or family.
    No feeling of REMORSE.
    Take no responsibilty for their actions

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    Sociopaths tend to have the ability to be extremely charming and manipulative as well...that, with the attributes AmberJack described...is a dangerous combination.

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    I don't think people can ever get the truth out of these types of people. Unfortunately, I now think the whole Anthony clan is just like Casey and they know that getting the truth is impossible. They're all seem like they could be a bunch of liars ands manipulators. Just an opinion

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    I wanted to add:

    Fear of abondonment....Rejection sets them off.
    And especially if you add alcohol or drugs to the mix.....

    When "normal" they can be quite charming, glib, manipulative.

    Casey's concerns:
    Seeing her mother get attention on TV
    "It's all about Caylee"
    Needing to talk to Tony
    Where Lee had been that second hearing date
    Why she could not get thru on phone to parent's

    ......She suspecting "rejection"...abandonment.

    Never a complaint of being in jail unjustly....
    Never says she misses Caylee....

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    George Anthony as an ex-cop probably knows the truth.
    Seems he talking a bit more these days.
    After the 6+ hours with the FBI?
    I have to believe what he says as others are negating it.

    • Gas cans were stolen by Casey around June 22nd
    • He claims he needed a metal wedge to rotate Cindy's tires from Casey's trunk...What was her explanation as to why the gas cans were in the trunk? More importantly, why she broke into the shed?
    • He says: A letter was written by Casey to lawyer & family.
    • The comment from George about Casey always having a second car key in her pocket in case she locks Caylee (& her purse) inside the car while loading packages really got me thinking that Casey left Caylee unattended in the car while shopping.

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