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    Summers are short here...

    Font size?

    some people do not like big fonts.
    I can see them much better.

    Some wonder .
    If you can't see well how do you read other normal font sized posts?
    I do use a magnifying glass.
    I do not want to change my fonts on my computer as it would create problems for me in everyday use.

    now this is hard to read.
    this iS much better.
    Thanks for reading this post.

    #789UMCO unidentified found The victim was discovered on September 8, 2004 in the Flat Tops, White River National Forest, Garfield County, Colorado
    Estimated Date of Death: No longer than 5 years prior to discovery he left a note to "LIB"
    PLEASE HELP me find out who this unidentified person is so he can be buried rightfully near his family...


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    At the top of your browser just click VIEW, then click ZOOM and put a check in the box by ZOOM TEXT ONLY. Then click VIEW > ZOOM > and ZOOM IN a couple of times.

    The font will get larger and turn bold. You can reverse it by clicking View, Zoom, and then Reset.

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