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    Brothers attack cop car with ax

    If you "ax" me these two brothers ain't the brightest bulbs. They also have anger control issues.

    Cops in Colorado went to check on Michael Mundy after his employer said he hadn't made it to work and was concerned. They were met by a flipped out Mundy and his baby brother David. Oh yeah and a yard full of dead squirrels.

    Apparently the boys don't like the law and proceeded to shake a cane at the cops and to attack their car with an ax. Never a good idea. Cops tasered one brother, but it didn't work and the fellahs ran off. They got caught of course and face a host of charges. An investigation is being made into what happened to the squirells. That was one expensive and harrowing day missed from work for Mundy. BTW, these are grown men.

    Lesson being "Do not attack cop cars with an ax".


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    What is going on in the world lately? I'm gonna build a time machine and go back to the 60's to become a hippie.

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