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    TX - Melinda 'Mindy' Daffern, 46, Scotland, 15 Aug 2008

    The security video at the grocery store she worked at caught quite a bit of the abduction. The video can be found at the below link. I hope she is ok.


    A few seconds of video paint a chilling picture of the last moments 46-year-old Mindy Daffern spent in the small yellow brick grocery store in Scotland, where she was working Friday afternoon. (more at link)

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    Texas cops question suspect in clerk's abduction


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    My heart jumped into my throat watching that poor lady being led around by gun point... I so hope she is okay... but if they found the suspect and not her, it doesn't bode well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elphaba View Post
    My heart jumped into my throat watching that poor lady being led around by gun point... I so hope she is okay... but if they found the suspect and not her, it doesn't bode well.
    I hope that he just let her off at the side of the road somewhere. You'd think he would have gone further than 40 miles if he did something worse.

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    The Carolina's
    Suspect in abduction of Texas woman found at motel:

    From the article:
    Mindy Daffern, 46, was abducted at gunpoint Friday afternoon, an incident that was captured on video by several surveillance cameras.

    "We're still hoping we can find her alive," Daniels said.

    Earlier Saturday, officials found a black sports utility vehicle parked outside a motel in Bowie, a North Texas town about 40 miles east of where Daffern was taken. The SUV matched the description of the late 1990s black Ford Explorer used in the abduction, Daniels said.

    Daniels said the suspect, a man in his 20s, had not been formally charged but will face charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. Additional charges will depend on what happens with the search for Daffern.

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    I am about 50 miles from where the suspect was found. They are reporting that they have found an unidentified body near by. Awaiting autopsy results. Doesn't look good, IMO.
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    Just confirmed on KFDX local news...body found is Mindy. Senseless crime that I am sure will end up being drug related.

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    Associated Press - August 17, 2008 3:13 AM ET
    DALLAS (AP) - Authorities say they're "99% sure" a body found in Texas is that of a store clerk whose abduction was captured on surveillance tape.
    Archer County Sheriff Ed Daniels tells The Associated Press the man suspected in the abduction led authorities to a body about 50 miles from the scene.
    Authorities say 46-year-old Mindy Daffern has been missing since Friday, when surveillance footage showed her being confronted at gunpoint. The tape shows an unmasked man who walked the clerk outside the north Texas store.
    The body was found in a remote area about 50 miles from Scotland, Texas, where the victim worked.
    Daniels says 30-year-old Wallace Bowman Jr. of Bowie gave a statement to Texas Rangers and led authorities to the body.


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    How sad. You really aren't safe anywhere. God Bless her family.

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    What a freak!
    This guy is really stupid on so many levels but luckily for us he did this in Texas where they will execute his lame butt.
    It cannot come soon enough, IMO.

    Prayers for her family. How tragic.

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    Off the grid, LOL.
    Today's CNN story said the charges against the suspect are for armed robbery and kidnapping. But they also stated that the suspect has previous sexual assault charges against him and is an RSO.

    From all that I've read or seen so far (and I've only read/seen a little bit on this case so far) it seems that the suspect handed the victim a cup, then pulled a gun on her, and made her walk out of the store.

    Has anyone seen anything anywhere that there was actually a robbery?
    Just wondering whether robbery was the actual motive here.
    There is always HOPE!!!

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    There were three people killed during Bowman's crime spree; not sure why he only pleaded to two murders or to which two. From May 2010:


    Wallace Wayne Bowman Jr., 32, will spend the rest of his life in prison after entering guilty pleas on two capital murder charges Monday afternoon in Montague County...

    Bowman was facing trial in early 2011 for the Aug. 15, 2008 death of Melinda Daffern, a Scotland store clerk he forced at gunpoint from the store where she was working... He also was accused of killing Karen and James France, whose bodies were found in their burned home north of Bowie.

    With the guilty plea Bowman will serve life in prison without parole to run concurrent on both charges.

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