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    South Africa - One killed, 3 hurt in sword attack at Krugersdorp school, 17 Aug 2008

    Another killing at one of our schools. When will it end?


    Johannesburg - In an apparent Satanic ritual, a Krugersdorp matriculant "with mad eyes" arrived at school on Monday with several Ninja swords and allegedly killed one boy before seriously injuring three more people.
    The victim was a 16-year-old boy at the Nic Diederichs Technical High School. Another pupil sustained serious head wounds while two gardeners were also stabbed with a 60cm-long sword, said Netcare 911 spokesperson Mark Stokoe.

    "Two scholars and two employees at the school were attacked by another scholar who was in possession of weaponry described as being similar to Japanese Samurai swords," he said in a statement. "One scholar suffered fatal injuries and was declared dead at the scene... the other scholar suffered a serious wound to the head and the other two personnel members suffered slightly less serious wounds."

    According to several people on the scene shortly after the attack, the boy arrived at school with at least three swords and several masks identical to those worn by the band Slipknot.




    Some other stories :



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    Scary stuff
    Just thinkin' out loud....

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    Ninja swords?? How awful for those victims. This is why I'm scared to send my children to school once that day comes.

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    I didn't even hear about this today....yikes!! Anything dealing with satanic rituals scares me to death!! How awful!!


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    From September 2009:


    Morne Harmse was sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment by the high court in Johannesburg on Thursday for killing a schoolboy with a sword... Harmse, who was aged 18 at the time of the crime, had pleaded guilty to hacking Pretorius to death on their school grounds last August...

    Hattingh gave Harmse eight years in connection with the slashing of schoolboy Stephanus Bouwer—who was wounded in the leg and head—ordering that six years of these run concurrently with the 18-year sentence.

    He was given five years each for the attacks on school employees Lesiba Samuel Manamela and Tsiamo Joseph Kodisang.

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