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    My idea/ offer

    Ok, so this is something that is going to happen in time, however I've really been thinking long and hard about this one and I think I'm gonna follow through if the family gives permission.

    I'd like to write a book. If nothing else, make it a book of memories from family members. I don't care if it sells, and if it does, I'd like to donate the proceeds to the Mazzone family.

    As I said, this is a long term project, but I'm really feeling strong on this one. This story has captivated me, broke my heart and made me believe in the spirit and power of prayer, helping hands and strangers. I think this would be the least I can do..

    I've even thought of a title..

    Doe: Memories Of Tawni.

    The title Doe seems appropriate.. A young, female.. I mainly though want to make it as an outlet for her family.

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    great idea....

    I would buy one.

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    I like your idea too.

    Something that struck me with Tawni's case is how LE refused to take a missing persons report. that just steams me. I think we have all seen that happen here, and have watched Christine, Kelly from Project Jason, Tricia etc. jump into having to make contacts just so LE takes the report. Many families are left hanging and have no resources or avenues to turn to without that assistance.

    If you do write something for Tawni, I would like to make a suggestion and comment on how well Annasmom and Dr. Doogie here at WS put the story together, including resources for assistance. Granted the stories are different, but this could not only keep Tawni's story alive, but be an excellent asset in so many other ways with education and asset info. Ther is so much here we have found regarding teenage runaway, trafficking teens, kids on the streets, and the perils teens on the street face.

    To keep it simple here is the direct link for Searching for Anna, written by a family member and member here at WS.

    I've read the book a few times. In fact, I need another as my original has gotten beat from use.

    Again, these are just suggestions and whatever the family sees fit. In time of course.

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    Anna's book is also available via amazon.com...

    If the family agrees, I think a book in Tawni's memory would be a wonderful tribute.

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    ITA, I would buy it in a heart beat!

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    I would also buy it in a heartbeat, and think this is a great idea !!
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    What a nice idea, a tribute book to Tawni Lee's story. I'll buy one. Or two!

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    I would definatly buy one...there is a program here that a police officer from my church does for some teens that want to become investigators and what not i think that maybe a book in her memory telling of her story or whatever may bea good thing for thm to read some inspiration like this case has given me.
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