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    NY - Kristine Kupka, 28, pregnant, Brooklyn, 24 Oct 1998

    They are the lost souls of New York City.
    Three thousand, eight hundred twenty-one people are listed as missing across the state. In the city alone, somebody vanishes every 83 minutes.

    Many are found hours or days later. But others are never seen or heard from again.

    The startling figures, compiled by the FBI's National Crime Information Center, include unsolved cases stretching back decades.

    Scores of the missing are suspected murder victims while others are feared abducted.

    Some are believed to have planned their own disappearance, and many others are children who have been whisked off by one of their parents without permission.

    All have one thing in common: They cannot be found.

    Camden Sylvia and her boyfriend left their downtown Manhattan apartment for an evening jog on Nov. 7, 1997. They never returned.

    Camden Syliva, 36, and Michael Sullivan, 54, were known to have been having problems with the landlord of their Pearl St. loft at the time of their disappearance.

    On July 15, 1977, Audrey got dressed and said she was walking one block to buy cigarettes. She never came back.

    Audrey was a schizophrenic who had been hospitalized a number of times, though Nerenberg said she was medicated and capable of walking to the store alone.

    Kristine Kupka, 28, was five months pregnant when she left her apartment in Kensington, Brooklyn, on Oct. 24, 1998.

    She was last seen with the baby's father, one of her professors at Baruch College. He was married, had made it clear that he did not want the child - and remains a major suspect in her disappearance.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

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    WOW,, that is the first time i have ever heard about the supposed evidence- from gil alba- that kristine kupka "may have been buried in a queens garage"... i wonder how he found this out, and why he can't search the places he suspects?? surely there's got to be a way to do it. i hope they find out soon.

    rudy needs to not get away with this.

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    NY - Kristine Kupka: 5 months pregnant, 28, New York, 1998


    http://www.kristinekupka.com/ (run by her family)

    http://www.kristinekupka.com/nymag.html (link to NY Magazine cover story on Kristine)

    Pretty maddening that the last person who she is seen with - her MARRIED boyfriend who doesn't want to have a baby with her - is only questioned once by LE. Her disappearence got a lot of press when it happened. She was on the cover of NY Magazine and mentioned numerous times in the NYTimes.
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    Oh my! I remember hearing/reading about this some years back. And it was never solved? How very sad for her family.

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    Seems pretty obvious to me what happened to this gal. The married boyfriend didn't want this gal making problems for him so he got rid of her. Looks like he is going to get away with it too. LE is stupid if they can't see the hand writing on the wall.

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    Kristine Kupka--the case touches my heart deeply as I once knew a woman who resembled her, hauntingly so, and I became aware of the Kupka case after our association ended. Yes, it does seem obvious, and the suspect, to make an unforgiveable pun, should confess and then drill himself.

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    NYPD are digging up a business formerly owned by the man who her family suspects in her disappearance...this is apparently taking place today, cadaver dogs have hit on scent for human remains...the shop now is owned or leased by someone who allowed police in, as opposed to POI's cousin, who would not...
    this case may possibly come to a resolution soon, at least as far as Kristina's whereabouts...

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    Here is a link to the story about digging up the basement of the shop. I hope for the families sake that they find Kristine.

    Robert Stephen Brown missing since 3/10/2007 located deceased 06/15/2013.

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    I don't get why NYPD could not have obtained a search warrant back then; a pregnant woman goes missing, her boyfriend refuses to cooperate w/police, IMO that should be enough. I hope LE has learned since then the obvious suspect is almost always the one they think it is. They might have saved more than a decade of agony for this family. I have no doubts that they are very close to finally findhing her remains tonight or tomorrow, when they could have done so ten years ago. It should be a point of law that if a woman goes missing (especially pregnant) that boyfriend doesn't get to say "no thanks" to cops when they come around to search. Very bad police work IMO, but always, better late than never.

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    I have seen Kristine's story numerous times on the true-crime shows...in fact, I watched one a week or so ago....I've *always* believed the creep b/f killed her.

    I'm praying that the rest of Kristine's story will be told & her family doesn't have to wonder where she is any longer...I'm also praying that LE gets their man.
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    But if that drop was not in the ocean,
    I think the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.
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    Bones found by cops digging for body of missing pregnant college student Kristine Kupka not human's

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/ny_c...#ixzz0hcfJ1ZId

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    Bumping for Kristine.. I just saw the latest update from earlier this year. So incredibly heartbreaking. WHY was this evil animal allowed to get away with this...? I still don't understand why the stupid, stupid judge refused to issue a warrant during all those years when Rudy's cousin had the store. Can someone explain this to me? They had PLENTY of evidence for a search. Whose side was the judge on, and why does the law end up protecting the criminals time and time again..? So at the beginning, the crucial window of opportunity passed- and then they had all those years to hide & destroy any evidence and now they got away scot-free.... Unbelievable. And now he's a practicing dentist in Tampa...??? Ughh, who would go to him anyway?
    I really feel for Kathy and the rest of her family.... and good for them for doing their best to keep her story alive.
    And then her Mom died of cancer last year w/o knowing what happened to her daughter....

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    Kristine was a passionate, opinionated person with a strong circle of friends and clear, close-at-hand goals. A college philosophy major two months from graduation, with a 3.97 average, she planned to go to law school and specialize in women's issues. She had a job waitressing at the Caribbean restaurant Negril, near Chelsea Piers, that she would not have abandoned. And she was happy; to those who knew her well, suicide was unthinkable...

    Without a body, it is extremely hard to prove that a crime has even been committed...

    The man who accompanied Kristine on her October 24 outing is Darshanand Persaud; most people call him Rudy. Persaud is a respectable young Indo-Guyanese-American...

    "I can tell you this, none of the four detectives on the case think it's open-shut," [Lieutenant Phillip Mahoy] says. "This Rudy may be the guy. You certainly had a guy with a motive. He was the last one seen with her -- you can't ignore that. But it still doesn't add up. It's no crime to be the last person seen with somebody. It's no crime for a married guy to get his girlfriend pregnant. It's a shame but not a crime. You can even say, 'I have plenty of reason to want her gone,' but you're still not gonna get an arrest on it." (Repeated efforts were made by New York to contact Rudy Persaud for an interview.) Mahony says: "Our biggest fear is, she's lying in a ditch somewhere" -- the result of an accident or random mayhem -- "and we're walking by her every day because we're focusing on Rudy."
    "He started crying -- literally crying," Kathy says Kristine told her. "He started begging her to have an abortion." He told her that he had gotten married. (Apparently, the Turkish "business trip" had been his honeymoon, and his new wife was a young Brahmin woman.) "He said, 'You're going to ruin my life! My parents are going to disown me!' " He said his wife and his parents were going to pay his tuition to dental school. " 'You can't do this to me!' 'This can't happen!' "...

    During these weeks, in July, of talking with Rudy about the pregnancy, "it got bad, real bad -- very negative -- between them," says a Negril waiter named Sean, who had joined Kristine's band of confidants. She'd become so afraid of Rudy's feelings on the matter, she told Sean and others, "she only wanted to meet him in a public place..."

    During the last two weeks before she disappeared, in "every conversation we had," Nick says, her wariness of Rudy "always came up. She was afraid of him; she was afraid he was going to get somebody to punch her in the stomach." Ozlem and Kathy say Kristine discussed such fears with them too. But she usually concluded that he wouldn't hurt her, because if something happened to her, it would be too obvious; all fingers would point to him.
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    The prime suspect in the disappearance of a pregnant Baruch college student faced banishment from his Hindu religious community if they found out he impregnated the woman, a new report says.

    Darshanand Persaud, the suspect whose name is first revealed publicly in this week’s New York magazine, is a member of the Brahmin caste, a holy level in the city’s Hindu communities.

    Persaud, not charged with any crime, was the last person seen with Kristine Kupka, 28, before she vanished Oct. 24.

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