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    Support Thread: Tony & Leonard Padilla

    This is a thread for those who support the Padillas. No negative comments will be allowed. You can voice your opposite opinion on several other threads.

    I wanted to start this thread for Tony and Leonard Padilla because I can imagine they are feeling down tonight.

    Tony and Leonard were mislead by Casey IMO. I believe she told her lawyer that if she was out she would help the Padillas find Caylee.

    Casey got out, and shut her mouth.

    Leonard and Tony are victims of Casey's vicious lies. They join a long list of people in this world.

    Tony and Leonard were mislead by Jose Baez IMO. Did he tell them not to believe any of the reports in the media about Casey's behavior? That would make sense. "Believe me, I am her lawyer, the reports are exaggerated. She is being crucified. She needs help to find her child." Can't you just hear Casey's lawyer convincing the Padillas that all the reports in the media were total exaggerations? Don't you think it is possible that Baez appealed to their heart by convincing them that all Casey needed was good people to step up to the plate and help her?

    All of this is speculation of course.

    No matter what, the Padilla's hearts were in the right place.

    Like many of you I believed (at first) that Leonard Padilla was only looking for publicity for his new show. This is not the case.

    If Leonard and Tony Padilla were shallow people they would have pulled up stakes and left as soon as those reports were released. Instead, the first thing Leonard did was go on Nancy Grace and take the heat.

    Tony Padilla came to Websleuths on his own to answer the tough questions.

    I know they are not perfect and I do not agree with everything they do, but I can tell they are sincere and truthful in their dealings concerning this case.

    I want to thank Tony and Leonard for what they have done, for trying their best and believing what we all wanted to believe, that Caylee was alive.

    It is rare in this day and age to see people admit they made a mistake. It is very refreshing to say the least.

    This thread is to let the Padilla's know that not everyone wants to get in their face about the Anthony case. Many people believe in them, understand what they are trying to do, and thank them for it.


    Tricia Griffith
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    Thank you Tricia!

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    I tend to agree with you Tricia. I didn't see anyone else going out on a limb when jail clearly wasn't making Casey talk. I tend to respect the fact that they thought out of the box, said what they were going to do..and most importantly DID it. Let's also not forget TP helped by contacting Cindy to get TES on the case with the help of our fellow WS's.

    They have helped keep this story alive and keep Caylee's precious face all over the media. Yes, it has also kept Casey's face in the media spotlight but at this point who cares about her?

    They both have every reason to hold their heads..and hats HIGH.
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    I do think they really want to find Caylee and their heart was in the right place. What I would love to see is bail revoked now and her back in jail... Casey has a long trail of misled people behind her and no one can figure out her GPS!

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    Heh guys-
    I know it's been gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking, and exhausting. I am sorry that all you hoped for looks so bleak. Please take care of your good hearts and spirit.

    I posted this on another thread earlier.
    I appreciate that the Padillas and their team had the nerve and decency to come into what was obviously, from day one, a convoluted, sordid, highly manipulated, and unstable situation, for the sole purpose of saving a small, defenseless child. It is my understanding that Tony and Leonard were asked to lend their particular talents and resources to this unfortunate and disturbing event. They may have responded as a personal favor to someone who wanted to see it resolved, Caylee found; someone trusted them to do what they do best, and to hang in there through the slime and BS, that has come along with it.
    They both, from what I've read and seen, are worldly people, genuine and with a sense of humor, who have had to be much more appalled and frustrated and irate than any of us. Even when surrounded by sycophants of all persuasions, they didn't quit, even when the bottom was pulled out from underneath them. They have endured enormous criticism and ridicule, in the interests of finding Caylee. Anybody who thinks LP did this for publicity needs to think again, IMO.
    We don't know what all has gone on. Thank goodness for the Orlando Sentinel coming forward to petition for the release of documents.
    Tony said the other night- remember, Leonard doesn't search for deceased people- he searches for the living. Well, now he's taken on a gruesome and sorrowful chore. He hasn't backed out, he hasn't abandoned the effort to find Caylee. I am grateful to him, Tony and their team. I am thrilled that they have called the Anthony's bluff and are bringing in TES.
    My heartfelt thanks go out to both of them, their families, and their team.
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    We do appreciate anything and everything you are doing to find Caylee. And I'm sorry that this is looking more like a homicide case. I feel for you, I really do. And I appreciate the lack of BS Leonard showed on NG and the fact he admitted what he was truly faced with. Definitely showed strength of character.
    No female, no matter how drunk, drugged, or provocatively dressed they may be, deserves to be ogled, harrassed, raped, or murdered. So stop the ignorant insinuations.

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    My hopes was that the Padillo's would find Caylee & collect the reward.

    Everyone has to realize Casey is a total liar. She could care less about anyone but Casey.

    Tonight on Nancy Grace I seen the face of a man who looked totally defeated & used. A man who wanted to find little Caylee! Who hoped beyond hope for a happy ending.

    To come here & answer all the tough questions besides look for Caylee shows your character & we all here at WS appreciate what your doing.

    I pray for Caylee! TES is awesome & hopefully with all the teams set in place this will get resolved & Caylee will be found.

    Thank you for your help & dedication!

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    Thank you Tricia - I echo every word that you posted. Leonard and Tony, you both
    have pulled on my heart strings. May you have a tremendous feeling of pride for
    yourselves, I do......

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    Thumbs up

    The way Lenord ate some crow today by his own doing shows the make of a real man.

    Good job Lenord and Tony...you are both real men in my book.

    Any big mouth can say they are right about anything but it takes a man of values to fess up and say "hey...I may have made a mistake."

    Again you have all of my respect.


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    You know I was very upset about casey being bailed out and I voiced that opinion...somewhere on this board...but only because I felt she didn't deserve to be bailed out.

    I truly do feel though that LP & TP are good decent men who did this for all the right reasons. It is sad when you can see the train coming down the tracks towards people you know are going to get hurt and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    You guys will no doubt be affected by this but while you may be a little worse for wear, you can take heart knowing that what you did was out of compassion and empathy for a little girl who deserved that slim chance that maybe she was alive and her mother just might fess up once she was out of jail. And that was worth it.

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    I am a lifelong resident of the beautful Jersey Shore.
    I also wanted to express my thanks to the Padilla's. I think you are both men with big hearts and I admire what you tried to do in this case.
    Tony, I hope you will continue to be an active member of this website.

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    Thankyou Tony, Leonard, Rob, and all of the unknown team members who have given your time, money, energy, and expertise to search for Caylee Anthony. I believe that your efforts will still be effective in helping to solve this case. It is good to see that there are still people in this world who are willing to do their part to make a difference in this world.

    Hang in there. I know that no matter what, you will bring Caylee home.

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    Leonard and Tony did something that is rare in this day and age.

    1) stopped what they were doing
    2) dropped everything
    3) left loved ones and all that is familiar behind

    to help a total stranger.

    This act of kindness and decency gained my respect immediately. I think what they did is amazing.

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    Thumbs up

    I think you're a sweetheart Leonard!
    During the first couple of times I saw you give interviews, before Casey was bonded out, I thought for sure you were just saying you bought the kidnapping story so that you could fool the family and Casey into giving you information. Then when she got home and it was apparent that you and your team weren't going to get any info much less a conversation with Casey and yet you still kept talking about the kidnapping theory I was shocked! And I realized that perhaps in this case your'e a nice guy to a fault.
    I found this youtube video about you letting homeless people camp on a piece of your property. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=neFwWSQAQGA
    I wish you all the best Leonard you're a class act my friend!

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    This is the third time I have tried to write this post. There are so many things I would like to say, but to keep it short, I will say THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. So many others have said just about all there is to say and I agree, you are definately a man of character! You made people see what it is to have hope again, even against all odds. This is a wonderful thing ya'll have done. So please tell your staff thank you from all of us!! (p.s. please put your hat back on and toothpick back in, it was a part of who you are, and that should be good enough for anybody!)
    Take Care,

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