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    NY - Jessie Burke, 100, North Haven, 31 Aug 2008

    Miss Jessie Burke just turned 100 years old on August 7th. This poor lady was found shot in the head. Murdered at the age of 100? Nothing right about that.

    LE is looking at Burke's daughter, Jean who is 76, but also at other suspects. The woman lived in the same million dollar Sag Harbor home. Jean claims to have been out when the murder occured.

    How sad is this? You live all them years and then are murdered?


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    Neighbors react

    Neighbors are speaking up regarding the murder of this 100 year old woman.

    These people don't lock their doors and have no crime.


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    If the daughter already owns the house and land and lives there with her mother, i don't see a motive of financial incentive.
    Margaret was a parole officer for 33 years; she just turned 100 August 7th. Was their mention of her turning 100 in the papers? Maybe it was a revenge killing by someone she put away whose interest was peaked when they saw the paper and that she had turned 100?

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    From August 2009:


    Exactly one year ago, 100-year-old Jessie Burke was found dead in her North Haven home from the result of a gunshot wound to the head. Today, as her murder remains unsolved, police, members of the community, and residents of her quiet Payne Avenue neighborhood continue to wonder who could have committed such a crime...

    Jean... was taken in for police questioning, her car was seized, and her home was canvassed for evidence. Though she became the top suspect in the murder in the court of public opinion, Jean Burke was never charged with the crime...

    "When you stop and think, the fact remains that, on Labor Day Weekend, a 100-year-old woman was shot in the head," said Vorhaus. "It's an easy thing to forget, and yet when the realization hits you, it can send a chill. It will always be the North Haven Labor Day murder. 'Who done it?'"

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    An 83-year-old woman took her own life inside her North Haven house, Southampton Town police said on Monday. The story, however sad, would have gone unreported in local newspapers, but for one thing: She had long been considered a suspect in the murder of her 100-year-old mother eight years ago.

    Investigators had questioned Margaret Jean Burke after her mother, Jessie Margaret Burke, was shot to death in the same house in 2008. A former New York City corrections officer, 76 at the time, she was never charged.

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