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    Question about the hair & pathologist interview

    I really, really don't want to believe that Caylee is dead. The interview didn't sound right so I went looking around. I'm pretty new and am not sure if I've copied anything that will get me into trouble, if so, please let me know.

    I was actually looking for the 09/01 transcript to get the name of the doctor. But this early interview on 08/04 popped up first and I was surprised that he wasn't as informed as he was in the interview from 09/01.

    Nancy Grace Show 08/04/08
    GRACE: And Dr. Arnall, isn`t it true that a darkened band appears on hair post-mortem after death?

    ARNALL: I`m not -- I`m not sure on that.


    Nancy Grace Show 09/01/08
    Explain to me how you can look at a human hair and determine whether it was shed pre or postmortem.

    **DR. MICHAEL ARNALL, BOARD CERTIFIED FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST: The FBI has a publication on the Internet indicating that when a hair is shed from a decomposing body, there is a dark band, a dark coloration on the hair itself.

    So when they examine that hair under the microscope, if they see that dark decomposition band, they`re going to conclude that this particular hair was shed from a decomposing body.

    GRACE: So that`s the only way the dark ring can appear on the hair, Dr. Arnall, is after death?

    ARNALL: That`s the only way that I know of.

    GRACE: OK. And, Doctor, certainly you would know. You`re a forensic pathologist.

    ************************************************** ***
    **What the website actually says is:
    Postmortem banding, which may appear proximal or distal, is infrequently seen, possibly because it occurs only in late anagen/early catagen, or late catagen stage hair roots.

    Dr. Arnall never said that the post-mortem band was found on the hair that was found in the trunk. It was only said that IF they were to find it, that would be the reason. And the photos on the show were from the website, not actual photos of Caylee's hair. So did the hair from the trunk have the band or no??
    Last edited by missy8394; 09-03-2008 at 07:36 AM. Reason: I meant the 09/01 NG show/interview sorry

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    Quote Originally Posted by missy8394 View Post
    So did the hair from the trunk have the band or no??
    I don't think they have released that information yet

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    I do not beleive the information about the banding has been released to the public.

    Here is Nancy Grace's transcript from 9/2 show.

    Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky was the forensic scientitst on last night's show. Dr. Kobilinsky was recently contacted by Casey's attorney for advice on the forensics. Will he become a witness for the defense?

    If Casey is ever charged and it goes to trial, I predict lots of experts for the prosecution and defense. IOW, a lot of long drawn out "IMO, blah, blah, blah testimony.

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    Sorry, my mistake, I meant the 09/01 show, I changed it in my post. It's just my opinion, but during the show I felt like they were implying that the results were back, and these bands were on the hairs found in the trunk. It wasn't until I went back and read the transcript(s) that I understood they were only saying "if". My original search was because to me it sounded like they were saying that all postmortem hair had the bands.

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    All postmortem hair does not have the bands, but NO live hair has it...so it is an accurate indicator of death if it IS present.

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