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    Video of Leonard Padilla Explaining Last Nights Statements

    This is a long interview with LP explaining what he said last night and all his views on the case. Lots of interesting info.


    If this is somewhere else here, please move this. I can't find anything anymore!

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    Just bumping this up so people can catch this video of Leonard explaining him self for his statements on Nancy Grace and also all his other ideas about the case. It is a long long interview. Interesting altho I am not so sure I agree with him.

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    LP Offers Up Bond AGAIN

    I didn't find this posted anywhere and wasn't sure which thread was the best place to put it....I apologize if it doesn't or shouldn't go here.....

    In other news, the bounty hunter who helped secure the release from jail of missing toddler Casey Anthony's mother several weeks ago said hes willing to get her bond reinstated.

    Reached by phone in California Wednesday, Leonard Padilla said that he has made that offer to Casey Anthony's family and her attorney, and asked that it be relayed to her in jail.

    The condition for the release according to Padilla is that Casey has to tell investigators where the body of her little girl is. If Casey complies and cooperates with investigators, Padilla said he would get the bond reposted so Casey could remain free while she awaits trial.


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    Well this video (with the link I posted) is not about this information. It is about the 'bombshell' evidence he expects LE to come up with soon and alot of other info and thoughts he has on the case.

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