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    Eyewitness News received a statement from Cindy

    What are your thoughts?


    Late Thursday morning, Eyewitness News received a statement from Casey Anthony's mother. In an email, she blasts the bounty hunter who helped get Casey released on bond and the organizer of the search organization.

    "Leonard Padilla and Tim Miller came to me under false pretenses. Both claiming their sole purpose to find Caylee alive. Tim Miller misrepresented his intentions, and is falsely accusing me of not cooperating with him, when it is evident his motives were to obtain publicity for his organization at the expense of exploiting my granddaughters disappearance. Tim Miller tried to discredit Kid Finders Network by falsely stating that they tried to pull out of the search for Caylee. Mr. Miller also claims that he spent twelve hours in my home with my family including Casey, when in fact he spent only a few hours total with me and minutes with Casey. This is an example of Tim Miller following in Leonard Padillas footsteps. Although I feel his organization has a purpose, his misrepresentation has tainted the efforts of so many people with good intentions. I would have expected Tim Miller to speak with me one on one, rather than me hearing him on Nancy Grace."


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    She needs to be baker acted

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    oh no she didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What a crazy Biotch!

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    uh, duh!
    There is already a thread started regarding this ...

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