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    Ike and Casey what happens if she has to evacuate?

    I'm very curious if LE has rules about prisoners such as Casey that are on ankle monitors and home bound. Does anyone know what would happen to Casey if the Orlando area has mandatory evac orders? Would she be ordered back to jail? OR ... allowed to evac with her family?

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    Ike is not forecast to come anywhere near Orlando, so don't worry about that. At this time in FL, only the FL Keys are under evacuation and the residents usually evacuate to Miami-Dade county to public shelters at schools and universities.

    It is almost impossible to imagine that Orlando would have any kind of evacuation since it is in the middle of the state. As for my part of the state, Miami-Dade County, the people who would be under a mandatory evacuation are the ones who live east of Interstate 95 and a few other low lying areas, and people who live in mobile homes. When Miami-Dade county does have an evacuation, the authorities tell us to evacuate to the center of the city, not out of state.

    The main reason New Orleans evacuates is because the city is below sea level and is normally protected by the levees.

    The main problem any person under house arrest would face is if the phone lines were knocked down during a hurricane. But I have never heard a call for house arrest persons to go back to jail when we are under a hurricane warning.

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