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    Question It is what it is Typical day in the life of Casey

    Sometimes we look too hard, and too far to find answers. I have read everything out there I can find on this case and I thought it would help to just lay it all out how a typical day for Casey probably went. This is what I think, after reading myspace,facebook,party albums,LE documents and anything else I could find. Is there anyone else that thinks the following scenerio is possibly a close truth?

    Casey laid out all the time, for nights and days in a row, way before the date of June 16. She dragged Caylee around with her and had her sleeping in strange men's beds. She stole from her parents for yrs and the latest one wasnt all that different. It was a check she made from her birthday check, a MARCH birthday. That was probably not the reason for the argument on July 15.

    Don't forget how Cindy must always protect the family reputation. This is just the type of family pride that will coverup anything. ANYTHING, even child abuse, sexual abuse, incest, even a murder, an accident that could have been avoided, an accident that was hid and found out too late to come clean, anything is possible, even if it's as simple as hiding adultery in a marriage. There is prob so much more to that argument and that family is not going to volunteer what it was. They are giving us what we already know, the part about stolen money which is just old news to them anyway.

    Casey played her game of having a job for yrs and the most recent thing to do was to go lay up at a friends home while parents would think she was working, then maybe, if it wasnt a weekend, go back home and play around in their house until they got home from work. She took her friends over while the parents were at work to do who knows what. Ricardo, Amy, and Tony all said they had been there.

    This date of June 16 was probably a typical day at the Anthony home. Casey prob got up, or got in from Tonys, grabbed Caylee, and went off to Tonys whose school hrs are 9-1 but sometimes on up to 5pm. She prob left with plans to come sneaking right back when George left. And that is what she prob did. It's prob just a matter of finding out if Caylee died on the trip away or after she returned with Casey that day. No movie script, nothing mysterious and plotted out. Just is what it is. I think Caylee prob died right there at the Anthony home.

    No one noticed Caylee gone because hardly anyone outside that little ring ever seen her anyway. Friends were used to parents keeping her and parents were used to her being dragged around. She prob was in that backyard and she prob was put in the car later, and I am not too sure she wasn't brought back to that backyard.

    Who knows, she may have been or still be, sitting in one of the plastic tubs in that garage. If that sounds far fetched, think about it, there have not been a large crew of investigators going over that entire property YET. If this all sounds harsh, I'm sorry, but it is what it is. A family whose little child is gone, for mths now, and all we see are smiles, laughs, and high fives and attempts to stop searches while taking time to ask for money to defend their daughter.

    One more thing to keep in mind. Many times, a person involved in a crime will come back to help solve it. I've seen and heard of a few helpers already and at least one of them is a family member.
    I'm a disbeliever unless you can show me FACTS!

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    Thank you for posting this. I have been wondering about "A day in the life..." since the beginning.

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    You make more sense than anything I've heard yet.

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    "high" 5 to you ttttteri (did i add enough t's).....I think that pretty well nailed it.
    Everyone sees who you appear to be ... few really know who you are.

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