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Here are my tops in order:
1) Dean Marie Pyle Peters
2)Jacob Wetterling
3)Jodi Huisentruit
4)Gina Dejesus
5) Amanda Berry
6)Tabitha Tuders
7)Bethany Markowski
8)Tamara Keepness
9)Mikelle Biggs
10)Jaycee Dugard
11)Kiplyn Davis
12)Asha Degree
13)Monica Carrasco
14)Lyon Sisters
15)Sofia Juarez
16)Mary Rachel Trlica, Lisa Wilson & Julie Mosely
17)Charolette Kinsey & Cinda Pallet
18)Leanna Warner
19)Alexis Patterson
20)Brandy Meyers
21)Lisa Marie Sexton
22)TheBlack Dahlia Murder

God Bless all of the missing. I pray every night that they will be rbought home to those who loved them and get justice. God Bless them all.<3

part of the prophecy has been fufilled.
sadly there's 21 others besides jaycee listed. ;(
ironic that you posted this just 10 days before she was found though