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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. E
    Does anybody have any more information on this case? I understand that it looked like he was picked up in the woods by a stranger. And wasn't there a clue some time later regarding some words written on a rest area bathroom wall?
    The Oregonian did a multi-page story on the family and how it has been coping all these years. It appeared last year, but I can't get a link to it because the Oregonian's archives are pay-per-view. It included the information about the bathroom, but, and this is my rusty memory, I think it was discounted.

    Here is an article I found on another web-site. BTW, sadly to say, I think the other child who survived Milligan's attack recently died in a car crash.

    Convict is prime suspect in boy's disappearance Police think a notorious state pedophile picked up a Bonanza 8-year-old in '98
    Oregonian - Saturday, November 13, 2004

    An Oregon man who is serving 30 years in prison for abducting, raping and slashing the throat of a 10-year-old Dallas boy in 2000 is the prime suspect in the disappearance of an 8-year-old boy who vanished in 1998 during a family Christmas tree hunt, The Oregonian has learned.

    Derrick Engebretson, a Bonanza third-grader, was searching for a Christmas tree with his father and grandfather on Dec. 5, 1998, when he wandered away in the snowy mountains above Upper Klamath Lake. His disappearance led to a massive search with dogs, snowmobiles and hundreds of volunteers. He was never found.

    For years, it was feared that the child had frozen to death in a snowstorm. But law enforcement officials now say they think Engebretson found his way to the roadside, where he was picked up by a man who would later become the state's most notorious pedophile, Frank J.Milligan, 36.

    "He is a suspect," said Oregon State Police Detective Ken Pecyna.

    Other high-ranking law enforcement officials confirm that Milligan is the lead suspect.

    In July 2001, Milligan pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder, kidnapping, sodomy and sexual abuse after he lured a 10-year-old boy at a Dallas park in 2000 into his black Honda Civic by offering the child $100 to mow his lawn.

    Milligan raped and strangled the boy, slashed his throat and left him for dead. The child survived. At the time of the attack, Milligan was out on bail in a sexual assault case of an 11-year-old boy in Seaside.

    Milligan surfaced as a person of interest in the Engebretson disappearance after a fellow inmate said claimed that Milligan had bragged about abducting and killing Derrick Engebretson, sources close to the case told The Oregonian.

    When confronted, Milligan, who by then faced 36 years behind bars, confessed to killing murdering Engebretson and agreed to lead detectives to the place where he claimed to have buried the boy's body, law enforcement sources said.

    But nothing was found, and Milligan later recanted the confession, according to police and Engebretson's family.

    "He took them to the spot where he said he had buried the body, then he didn't do much to help them find it," said Lori Engebretson, Derrick's mother. "He said, 'Well, I guess I don't know where it's at. It was night, dark, and I was trying to hurry.'"

    Based on evidence found at the scene, family members think believe Derrick was making a snow angel near the road and was abducted by someone who happened to be driving by. "We think it was a crime of opportunity," Lori Engebretson said.

    One witness reported seeing a man struggle with a boy near the road but didn't stop because he assumed that the man and they boy were father and son, she said.

    Police have never before publicly identified Milligan as a the suspect. In 2002, they announced only that they were investigating a tip that Engebretson might have been abducted by a man driving a black Honda automobile.

    The man, they said, was seen near where the boy disappeared and might have been seen struggling with him, but police declined further comment about the tip or the tipster.

    At the time, police also released a photo of a black Honda parked in front of a white ranch-style house. The Oregonian, however, obtained from court records in another case an original copy of that photo that includes Milligan, meaning law enforcement officials had used a computer program to erase him from the one released in connection with the search.

    The Oregonian learned of Milligan's alleged involvement in the Engebretson case while researching a story about child sex abuse on the children's ward of the Oregon State Hospital in Salem. Milligan, a longtime state worker, was a psychiatric aide on the children's ward from 1994 to 1997.

    A law enforcement official said police suspected that Milligan molested at least one Ward 40 child - and that he was the prime suspect in the Engebretson case.

    Other law enforcement officials close to the case later confirmed Milligan's status as the main suspect in Engebretson's disappearance.

    Contacted Friday, one of the lead detectives in the case said he could not comment on specifics.

    Milligan "has not been charged with any crime regarding this, so it would be premature for me to say anything," Pecyna of the state police said.

    "If a person ever gets charged with this, I want to make sure it gets done right," he said. "I don't want to say anything to hamper that."

    Milligan, who is three years into a 36-year sentence for the cases involving the Dallas and Seaside boys, will be eligible for parole in 2037, when he is 69 years old. Fearing that Oregon inmates would harm him, Department of Corrections officials have transferred him to a prison in another state.

    State police are asking anyone with information about the case to phone them at 1-800-452-7888.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDB
    OHH how well I remeber this one. I live in the Bay area. IMHO she was and is not a runaway. Then you had Michela Gerhardt (I know I spelled that one wrong)She was taken from a grocery store just a few miles where I grew up. To this day no leads what so ever.

    I just wonder. Ilene disapperance happened in 1989. I am still trying to recall when Michella went miising .I wonder if someone can dig up Jed (UTAH) time line. WAs he in the Bay area during this time?


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    I'm not sure if this is a cold case or not, but when I was a kid, early 80's, I remember a story of a torso being found in a ditch about 4 miles from the farm we were living on in the Texas panhandle. A few weeks later more of the woman's body parts were found at an airport, maybe her arms and legs- I can't recall for sure. If I remeber right I don't think they ever found her head. I have tried searching the net for info and archives of papers but I don't find anything. Anyone have any ideas?

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    orange county, ny
    Jodieo-Mind givinig us the closest town or the PD who probably investigated?

    As far as haunting goes, I would have to say the case of Princess Doe...I have visited her grave and the words on her marker are so sad, so devoid of any hope..."Dead Among Strangers". I want so desperately to be able to change that.

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    Shadowangel, it would have been Plainview, TX

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    I have been haunted for years by the case of Dail Dinwiddie who disappeared from Columbia, SC in 1992. That year I visited USC's campus, as it was one of the school's I planned to apply to. I remember seeing Dail's pictures in the bookstores and all over campus. I also remembered seeing her face on a billboard when we continued on our trip to Clemson.

    I will never forget her face and I hope that one day her family will have answers as to what happened to their beautiful daughter.

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    Some Canadian disappearances that haunt me.

    Carolyn Pruyser missing from Peace River Alberta since May 1984.I went to school with her,no traces have ever been found of her.

    Corey Braun missing from Peace River Alberta since November 21,2004.No trace has yet been found of this man.

    Shelly Anne Bacsu missing from Hinton Alberta since May 1983.


    Tania Murrell missing from Edmonton Alberta since January 1983.

    Rhonda Running Bird.Missing since 1995 from Rocky Mountain House Alberta.

    Tamra Keepness since July 5,2004 from Regina Saskatchewan.
    Carolyn Pruyser missing since May 17,1984 please read her about her case Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodieo
    I'm not sure if this is a cold case or not, but when I was a kid, early 80's, I remember a story of a torso being found in a ditch about 4 miles from the farm we were living on in the Texas panhandle. A few weeks later more of the woman's body parts were found at an airport, maybe her arms and legs- I can't recall for sure. If I remeber right I don't think they ever found her head. I have tried searching the net for info and archives of papers but I don't find anything. Anyone have any ideas?
    Okay, I found this on the Amarillo Globe News webiste about Henry Lee Lucas- he later recanted the confessions:

    In the mid-1980s, Lucas pleaded guilty to the April 26, 1981, death of Dianna Lynn Bryant of Brownfield and the Dec. 19, 1982, death of Glenna Biggers of Petersburg. He received a 75-year sentence in the Brownfield case and a life sentence in the Petersburg case.

    He now claims that he pleaded guilty to both cases at the request of Williamson County Sheriff Jim Boutwell, who died several years ago, and Texas Rangers who were members of a task force investigating his confessions.

    "They wanted something to back up the death sentence, so they had me plead to cases," he said last week inside a cage at the Ellis Unit.

    Lucas also confessed to three previously unsolved murders in Lubbock - the deaths of Naomi Miller Martin on Jan. 31, 1971, Debra Sue Williamson on Aug. 24, 1975, and Elizabeth Ann Price on April 10, 1976. He was indicted in all three cases, but the charges later were dropped when evidence showed he could not have been in Lubbock when the murders occurred. Last week, he stood by his denials of involvement in the three cases.

    No one has been arrested for the killings.

    Lucas also confessed to five other South Plains murders - the deaths of Lynn Hall Gray on March 18, 1980, in Abilene; Beverly Joyce Luttrell on March 13, 1981, in Odessa; anunidentified female (her headless body was found near Plainview on Jan. 28, 1982) ; Happy Howry on April 25, 1982, in Big Spring; and Herman Junior Brooks in 1982 in Odessa.

    In eastern New Mexico, Lucas confessed to the deaths of Elizabeth Faye Bull on July 24, 1978, in San Juan; Barbara Ellen Begley on April 18, 1982, in an oil field near Hobbs; and Jean Alba on Oct. 10, 1982, in Quay County. In those cases he also maintains his innocence.

    Lucas said West Texas law-enforcement agencies accepted his confessions to cover their ineptness and, in some cases, to cover the botched autopsies of former Lubbock pathologist Dr. Ralph Erdmann, much of whose work was later discredited.

    "Out there (in West Texas), you can do anything and get away with it," he said. "They don't investigate cases. They had some guy out there doing autopsies that was putting the wrong heads on bodies."

    Jackie Peoples, a retired Texas Ranger who was involved in Lubbock County confessions, laughed while scoffing at Lucas' assessment of law enforcement officers.

    "Look at who you are talking to and where he is at," Peoples said. "That's my only comment. If you believe him, that's your problem. If the people of this area believe him, that's their problem. But that's my only comment."

    Last week, Lucas told how he knew so much about the murders in West Texas and eastern New Mexico.

    "I was given access to files I shouldn't have been given access to," he said. "At nighttime, the Rangers would leave, and the sheriff (Boutwell) would open the door to the office and just let me go in there and read (the files). I was doing it behind their backs. I'd try to give the information back to them when they came in to talk to me. Some I got right and some I didn't."

    Boutwell encouraged the hoax, Lucas said.

    http://amarillo.com/stories/062298/new_lucas.shtml (link for whole story- registration required)

    So, at least this confirms that I'm not crazy, but now I wonder even more who she was and if it is considered solved?

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    I found another story that says she was found on 2/16/82?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jodieo
    I'm not sure if this is a cold case or not, but when I was a kid, early 80's, I remember a story of a torso being found in a ditch about 4 miles from the farm we were living on in the Texas panhandle. A few weeks later more of the woman's body parts were found at an airport, maybe her arms and legs- I can't recall for sure. If I remeber right I don't think they ever found her head. I have tried searching the net for info and archives of papers but I don't find anything. Anyone have any ideas?

    What a small world - I recall this story as well, but I don't remember any more than you do about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonSays
    What a small world - I recall this story as well, but I don't remember any more than you do about it.
    Really is pretty small isn't it-

    I have searched and searched and come up with a few things.
    2 different dates as to when she was found- one is 1/28/82 and the other is 2/16/82.
    Henry Lee Lucas confessed to her murder- said she was a hitch hiker he picked up around Abilene, TX but he later recanted.
    She was laid to rest in Plainview on 7/23/93, still unidentified.
    I've been on the DOE network and the Texas DPS unidentified and don't see anything on either. Have come up with all kinds of crazy stuff in my searches but nothing pertaining to her.
    I sent an email to a reporter for the Plainview Daily Herald who covered most of the stories on Lucas to see if they ever did make an ID on her.

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    Great! I hope you hear back from the reporter... definitely post if you do!

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    Question I cannot remember this missing boy's name!

    Does anyone remember the case of the young boy who went missing in the mountains with his father and grandfather? It occurred several years ago. If I remember right, they went to the mountains to get a Christmas tree (?). I can't remember what state this happened in, either.

    The boy went missing in the deep snow. Seems they were by a lake. The grandfather was supposed to watch the boy for a bit while the Dad wasgone. He lost track of the boy somehow...

    The Dad returned to the mountains for months, looking for his boy.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I changed the words I have been googling a little bit, and found this. This is him:

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    This is one of many cold cases that has haunted me...

    Sweet Derrick Engebretson:


    I found this on the FindCarrie website:


    ...Lori and Robert Engebretson shout into the trees.


    The word hangs in the air, echoing off the flanks of Pelican Butte.

    They know their son will not answer. But they need to call his name in the same way they need to breathe.


    Six years have passed since the boy disappeared from this spot, a densely wooded mountainside above Upper Klamath Lake.

    Derrick would be 14 now. But the eyes peering out from a poster nailed to a nearby tree are still those of an 8-year-old. The weather has all but destroyed the image, erasing the smile the boy wore when the third-grade photo was taken.

    It was snowing hard that December night six years ago. Robert remembers how his son's footprints led back to the road, then vanished.

    Hundreds came to search for him with snowmobiles, dogs and helicopters. Hours turned into days, then weeks. Eventually, only Robert and Lori remained. Torn by guilt and recrimination, they returned to the mountain again and again, calling for their child as they scanned the forest for his bones. Gripped by their obsession, they slid into a kind of suspended animation, drifting through life with no direction, no thought for the future.

    For years, they returned to the mountain every weekend, retracing steps over ground they'd walked hundreds of times. They found nothing, not the small hatchet Derrick had carried that day or a shred of his blue snowsuit.

    Authorities insisted that Derrick had wandered off into the woods and died, that animals had scattered his remains. But the Engebretsons never really believed that, and a compulsion took over their world. They came back to the mountain because it was the only thing they could do.

    In their hearts they knew somebody had taken their son. They always had.

    During the search, a witness said he'd seen a man struggling with a boy along a nearby highway. And Derrick had been missing for only a few hours when Lori called her mother. Lori's intuition told her Derrick was gone.

    "He's not here," she remembers crying.

    Her mother had tried to reassure her. Of course, he's there. You'll find him before morning.

    "No, Mom," Lori remembers insisting. "He's not here. We're not going to find him on this mountain.

    "Somebody took him."

    "I thought he was with you"

    They hadn't planned to go to the woods that year. Lori had somehow talked Robert, an enthusiastic outdoorsman who always looked forward to the family's annual Christmas tree hunt, into getting an artificial pine. Less mess, she'd said.

    But when a disabled neighbor asked for help getting a real tree, Robert didn't hesitate.

    The afternoon of Dec. 5, 1998, Robert; his 64-year-old father, Bob; and Derrick set out for the woods on the flank of Pelican Butte, about 30 miles from downtown Klamath Falls.

    As Bob's red Toyota pickup climbed the Westside Road, Robert remembers telling his father they'd have to make it quick. It was already after 2 p.m., and it would be dark shortly after 4.

    Bob pulled onto a turnout at Milepost 12. Robert helped Derrick wiggle into his snowsuit, and the three of them started up an embankment into the ponderosa pines. Robert remembers walking ahead, telling Derrick to stay with his grandfather.

    But the boy scrambled through the snow, annoying Bob by chopping on small trees with his hatchet. Derrick told Bob he wanted to catch up with his dad. The grandfather eventually relented.


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    I did a search on boys missing in Oregon. Alot of these boys are pretty similar to little Derrick. I wonder if the man suspected of taking Derrick is responsible for any of the other boys:


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