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    Updated links 2008 Our Grateful Dead Fan-Doe127UMVA

    I hope it's ok to post some updated links as some of the original links are from years ago and are no longer working. People on here have been caring about this young boy for so long.

    "Trying2id" started this here and his site is where I first saw our Gratefuldead fan.


    and his post from July, 2005.

    Grateful Dead Fan - Unidentified male died 26 June 1995 in Virginia
    Please check out this page, I found some of the information at the doenetwork and some from the investigating officer back in 1995. I know that I left some information from the doenetwork out, I did that on purpose. I have posted this everywhere and I did not want the parents (when I find them) to find out certain things from reading a posting on the internet. Please try to help me on this one.


    Here is the link for the doenetwork as it is now .org

    The Doe Network:
    Case File 127UMVA

    Reconstructions of Victim

    Unidentified White Male
    • Located on June 26, 1995 in Greensville County, Virginia.
    • Cause of death was a traffic accident

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 16 - 21 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'8" (5'7-5'9") ; 169 lbs - 77 kg.
    Here is a link to The Virginia Medical Examiner's Office, the Central Office is handling this case.


    Agency Case Number 123526

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    Decade later, case still cold

    By Teresa Welsh

    Staff writer

    Some cases seem destined to forever remain unsolved but the police officers who work the cases find it impossible to forget nameless victims, especially of homicide.
    For every unsolved mystery there are family members and loved ones who are left wondering day-after-day, year-after-year, for the rest of their lives about what happened and why.

    Officers know that solving these mysteries would be a dream-come-true and the answer to many prayers, if only they could uncover the one clue that would lead them to the identities of the bodies. To know what it is like to never know what happened to a missing loved one is left to most people's imaginations but unfortunately there are families left to ponder those unanswered questions.

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    It appears that our friend Todd Matthews also has a site that features our gratefuldeadfan and others of course.


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    Has this profile ever been placed in the local large papers? I know it costs money but this has to be one of the saddest things I've ever known. No one should ever have to die alone, unknown and forgotten. At least an ad or a billboard in the South Carolina area which might spur someones memory. It's not a murder case so no one has to be afraid to come forward. I believe his name is Jason. Was the phone number ever called? In the DC area or in the surrounding states? He had two stubs so perhaps he hooked up with one of the girls in exchange for a ticket. And are the picutres artist renditions? I hate those because they often look nothing like the real person.
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    Everyday it is my fervent prayer that these cases are solved

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    All pictures of this young man are artist renditions because his face was too badly damaged to put a real picture up. I think putting up some kind of billboard or in a paper would be a really good idea, because i'm sure nobody remembers that story from 13 years ago. Plus he probably has relatives old enough now to remember that their uncle or brother or cousin was going to a grateful dead concert and never came back. Maybe those family members that were too young in 1995 are old enough now to start a search for their missing family member

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    Has Richard Hitchcock been ruled out?

    I found this guy's picture, and I see many similarities. I don't recall him being ruled out, but after awhile sometimes faces and names blur in my mind. Any thoughts?


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    I believe R. Hitchcock has been submitted. He is 6 feet tall though and GDF was several inches smaller, but who knows, someone has to match up eventually. I wait for this day when we know who GDF is. I will play the GD music as a tribute to him, whomever he may be.

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    Grateful Doe FB page

    NamUs page

    If you're on FB; please join the event & share. It was created to get Jason's face out there. Note; the event is 1995 Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium the concert Jason attended.

    1995 Grateful dead @Rfk stadium - Invite all your friends this is to help get more awareness to the unidentified man possibly named Jason was killed after a grateful dead concert in June 1995 the dates of the concert were June 24 & 25 1995 at the Rfk stadium in Washington, D.C.. If you know anyone that went to the concert add them to the group or just keep sharing his flyer someone has to know something. I'll keep adding more info as I get it ready.

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    Yep I've followed it for years as well. It's sad that no family member has come fwd. Maybe he just didn't have any family but I find that to be rare.
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    This link comes from the VA State Police Missing Children website

    (originating website link: http://www.vsp.state.va.us/MissingChildren.shtm)

    I had never noted the bit about the small scar on his back before. It is mentioned on NamUS but not on DoeNetwork

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