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    OR - Thelma Taylor, 15, raped & murdered, Portland, 5 Aug 1949

    Couldn't find much about this:


    Just that they supposedly caught the guy. But the crime sounds horrible.

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    What a horrible crime! I just had to mention how haunting it was to read about it with Moonlight Sonata playing in the background...
    Please Help Find Brian Shaffer!


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    Marie is offline Daughter, if you don't remember us...who will?
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    There is this long blog article (obviously fictionalized in parts) about Thelma - it ends with: "Leland Morris was executed in the gas chamber at the Oregon State Prison in Salem on January 9, 1953."

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    Terrible crime.That poor girl.
    I was looking at the rest of the 'Haunted Portland' site.
    Writer Mikal Gilmore brother of executed killer Gary Gilmore has written of a couple of different houses he and his family lived in,in Portland during his childhood that his family believed to be haunted.Weird.

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    Yes, that was an interesting Blog post, awful crime though. Speculation was that she was held anywhere from 2 days to a week and raped repeatedly.

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