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    The Perfect Tree for Halloween?

    I know it's a little early, but I try to keep that Halloween spirit going all year.

    These pics have been circulating around the internet for a couple of years. This link to a Thai news site is the earliest instance I can find.

    The tree, reportedly a bottle gourd tree, grew "deformed" fruit in 2005-2006 resembling eerie human faces. Personally, I think it's some kind of hoax...But way cool nonetheless.


    I've also attached a photo of a normal bottle gourd for comparison.
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    I hope someone doesn't pick it! Great fun for Halloween.

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    When it's a bud, you could put a mold around it and support it with wire to the branch. Then after it's grown to the size of the mold, remove the mold. We can do this ourselves, but not in time for THIS halloween. :-)
    FUN... is a renewable resource!

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