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    Monday, Sept. 20, Protest for Becca!


    Becca McEvoy was a vibrant young 9 year old when her life was lost in a car accident. She was a fighter and valiantly fought for her life for 10 days on life support. She did not win that battle.

    Becca needs us to fight for her now. You see, Becca was to testify in front of a Grand Jury in Mobile, Alabama. She was bravely speaking of things which she had been threatened not to tell, but her story was cut short, as was her life.

    Becca McEvoy endured a year of rape and sodomy at the hands of her step father, Bob Ingle, a police officer. According to reports, Bob Ingle not only had his way with Becca, but other family members as well as his own daughter. All of them were threatened, some recanted their own stories.

    The legal process is tedious and justice is long in coming in most cases brought through the court system. However, there have been numerous delays in Becca's case and Bob Ingle is still living free and easy in a home with other children present, according to family members.

    Becca is a victim. Victims should have equal rights under the law. Victims should have a voice in a court of law. Becca's voice is being silenced. The law in place that may jeopardize much of Becca's testimony is Crawford vs Washington, which simply stated, may keep a lot of testimonial evidence from ever being heard.

    Her case was scheduled to go to trial September 22, 2008, but now there has been yet another delay while defense attorneys challenge information to be brought into the trial. Another day is gone for Becca, another day that maybe her voice would have been heard and the scales of justice would have been balanced. Now her already grieving family must wait again before they can start to heal from their losses.

    I appeal to everyone to join me in an "Online Protest" to join Becca's family and friends who will be physically protesting in Alabama on Monday, September 22, the day Becca's case was scheduled to begin.

    There is a list of email addresses below. It only takes a minute of your time to copy and paste your opinions and email them to officials in Alabama. Let them know you support Becca McEvoy and her family. Let them know that she has the right to a trial free from unreasonable delay. WE have to be the voice for this little victim because the laws are trying too keep her quiet, just as Bob Ingle did when he was molesting her.

    Make Monday a day of protest in support of Becca McEvoy.

    Alabama Governor Bob Riley

    Lt.Governor Jim Folsom

    Sec. of State Beth Chapman
    Chief of Staff Emily Thompson

    Public Information Specialist
    Tamara Cofield

    Attorney General Troy King

    Alabama State Senate (35 Senators)
    Web Site: http://www.legislature.alabama.gov/senate/senate.html
    Email: alsenate@mindspring.com

    Miriam Shehane, Commissioner, Alabama Crime Victims Compensation Commission


    To Read Details of Becca's Case:

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    I believe that the first link in the above message should be:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrinkles View Post
    I believe that the first link in the above message should be:


    Wrinkles....thank you so much for correcting that.....I am the world's worst linker maker!!

    I hope I have this one right! It is an outrage to me that the defense attorney is asking for the case to be dropped (well, I guess that is what they are supposed to do), and justice for Becca would be denied!


    Rebecca McEvoy's family thought they would finally have their day in court. Instead, they spent this morning protesting.

    "Justice delayed is justice denied again," says Rhonda Wheelus, Rebecca's cousin, who was one of several people holding signs outside Government Plaza Monday morning. "Where is the victim's rights in this. It's all about the defendant and his rights, but where are Rebecca's rights," she says.

    For eight months, Wheelus has sat through hearing after hearing, as attorneys argued over what evidence would be allowed in her cousin's unprecedented case. According to prosecutors, Rebecca was 10-years-old when she confided in a friend, saying her step-father, Bob Ingle, began raping her when she was eight. Rebecca testified twice before a Grand Jury and gave statements to investigators, but she died in a car crash before the case went to trial. Ingle's attorney has argued his client, who was also a Chickasaw police officer, has a right to confront his accuser in court, and now that she's dead, he wants the charges dropped.

    Michael Harbin, who represents Ingle, filed a motion late last week to appeal Judge Michael Youngpeter's decision to allow the testimony of Rebecca's young friend, her sister, a doctor and a nurse, delaying the case for at least several months, according to Steve Giardini, Mobile County Assistant District Attorney.

    Ingle is charged with rape, sodomy and sexual abuse.

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    Another last minute stall tactic! Judges ruling appealed evidence sent to circuit court of criminal appeals in Montgomery

    Monday, 22. September 2008, 23:27:43

    Dana Pretzer, Becca McEvoy, jurorthirteen, sexual assault, Crawford vs Wshington, Justice Interrupted, Aden McEvoy, Rape, Child Abuse, Judge Youngpeter, sexual abuse, Susan Murphy-Milano, Robin Sax, *************, waroncrime, Bob Ingle, Pedophile, Crawford vs Washington, Rapist
    Listen to Aden McEvoy and Rhonda Wheelus on ************* tonight @ 9pm

    WKRG STORY The defense is asking the case be THROWN OUT!

    WKRG Reporter Jessica Taloney told Rhonda the defense had appealed the judges ruling on what is admissible (Becca's friend, Dr's Report and video of Becca) and it has gone to the circuit court of criminal appeals in Montgomery. The family wasn't notified of the appeal they found out through the reporter. No date for trial has been rescheduled. Family was told it could sit in Montgomery for a month or more.

    Another last minute stall tactic!

    We protested at Government Plaza in Mobile, AL this morning. 2 local TV stations were there and a local paper. Baca Nation offered security and there were 6 protesters carrying signs.

    It was heart breaking. A man came up and asked what we were protesting about. We told him about Becca and he softly whispered, "I was raped when I was a little boy. I never told anyone until after I was out of the service." I told him Becca was a very special and brave little girl to have come forward. He asked what he could do to help. I told him, Pray for justice for Becca and write and call our elected officials. It's the good God can bring from this evil. Victim's helping other victims.

    You may go to the below link and find all the names and emails you can cut and paste a letter into.


    Sample letter:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I am writing to ask you for help. In 2006 8 yr. old Rebecca McEvoy reported being brutally raped and sodomized by her then step-father, Bob Ingle, for over a year of her life.

    During the long legal process and many delays Becca tragically died in an unrelated auto accident in Jan 2008. Becca gave testimony twice before a grand jury, she told family and friends, doctors, nurses, counselors, detectives and DHR.

    The defense has no defense for their client other than legal wrangling, endless postponements and asking the case be dismissed based on Crawford vs Washington law which states the pedophile has the right to cross examine his accuser (impossible due to her death). The court has thrown out much important evidence (police statements and the DHR statements & video of Rebecca) due to Crawford vs Washington labeling it hearsay.

    The scheduled trial date of 9/22/2008 was delayed, once again, sending all evidence to the Capital for review. The defense has postponed this case for too long. Becca has a right to a trial free from unreasonable delay.

    We feel Becca's rights as a victim and citizen are not being duly protected and we would like to respectfully ask that she be given legal counsel, protecting her rights, even though she is not with us anymore. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Please consider hosting a bill which would protect the rights of children protecting their right to a trial free from unreasonable delay.

    Please feel free to call us with any questions. I look forward to your response to my request.

    For more details and media coverage on this case please go to http://www.my.opera.com/rhondawheelus/blog

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

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    Some help from Washington DC and DNA to be collected from Mattresses


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