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    Boy 12, kills girl 8, - Cops violated boy's rights.

    ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) -- A 12-year-old Carrolton boy accused of strangling an 8-year-old neighbor girl was interrogated for four hours without his parents or an attorney present before reportedly admitting to the crime, his attorney said Thursday.

    "My client steadfastly maintains his innocence in this case," said his lawyer, Gerald Word. "If there was an admission, it was not only under duress, it was flat wrong. I imagine I could have this 12-year-old admit to killing John Kennedy."

    It was only after lengthy questioning Tuesday that the boy, whose name is not being released by authorities, allegedly acknowledged killing 8-year-old Amy Yates, Word said. The boy was charged with murder Tuesday evening.


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    Hi Shylock... we have a thread running on this case in the Located forum... here is the link.


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