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    Complaint against officer that killed dog


    All of this could have been avoided if she would have kept the dog on her own property. He was so pretty.

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    I just watched this story on WRAL.com

    I have a good friend with a yellow lab. I love that dog, but he is rambunctious. He weighs as much as I do. When I'm taking care of him, my neighbors joke that he is walking me.

    I can see how someone would be afraid of the big goofy things. I cannot see how someone would shoot them. Poor baby.

    Just an FYI- Mt. Olive is pretty country, so I'm sure they have corruption problems similar to other departments in NC.
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    Hey Zelmajane, I have a yellow lab who is 3 and she weighs close to 90 lbs. She also looks alot like Durham -she is a dudley too. BUT she is TRAINED. If the owner would have taken the time to train Durham he might still be alive. I feel sorry for the homeowner but I feel most sorry for Durham. He died for nothing....

    PS - Mt. Olive is very pretty. My paternal great grandfather owned a house the main street of Mt. Olive. He lived to be 89 years old and he grew collards up till the day he died. he also did his own repairs and roof work. I'll never forget being about 18 or 19 and going to visit one day and here he is on the second story roof of that house. My mothers family is also from Mt. Olive - both parents have 7 siblings EACH. LOL
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