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    Baby frozen for 21 years

    I think they should give this family their investigation on the triple vaccination. It seems this cocktail given at such a young age did cause a lot of trouble for children. How unfair for them to have sought justice for all this time and then have the child forceably buried.


    A pathologist said four-month-old Christopher Blum had suffered sudden infant death syndrome.

    But his parents, Steve and Mathilde, believe it was linked to a triple vaccination hours earlier and want further investigations.

    The couple were devastated when the youngster passed away on June 22, 1987, just eight hours after he was given a triple vaccine for diphtheria, polio and tetanus.
    Only my opinion, no one else need agree.

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    That is just awful. They need to give these parents a new investigation.

    The old version of the DPT shot was actually very dangerous, two of my older brothers almost died right after getting it in the 70's. It wasn't common for kids to die from it, but not exactly 'rare' enough for it to really be considered safe either. I know in 1987 they were still using the old version in the US, probably in UK too?

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    What is the problem with them having a new investigation? The advances in technology since 1987 are phenominal. These parents just want answer. I guess the question would be other than peace of mind for them what would be the benefit? The old version of the vaccine is not given anymore.

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