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    MySpace for the Missing-IMO, it helps!

    True Crime Magazine

    The Site Formerly Known as CrimeBlog.US

    MySpace: A Place for the Missing

    (Stephen McCaskill also blogs at Crime Scene Blog.)
    I created a MySpace profile for Crime Scene Blog, more because that seemed to be a way to drive more traffic to the site and because in order to perform searches on MySpace, you have to be a member. Over time, I have added several of the members of the True Crime Blogroll as well as some personal friends.
    But then, as I logged in more often, I began to get requests to add folks to my Friends List that I did not know. These were not however, the folks that have become a standard on MySpace, those who seem to want to add everyone to their Friends List. The folks who were sending the requests had their own MySpace page not for themselves, but dedicated to missing persons.
    I did some checking and there are many profiles on the site that have been created in order to promote one or more missing persons. Acting as digital flyers, these profiles generally contain pictures of the missing person, along with information on the disappearance and a description. There are also MySpace Groups that have sprung up who promote multiple missing persons reports.
    The World Wide Web as we know it has been around now over 17 years. In that time we have seen explosions of information, pornography, and religion.

    Now it seems we are going through a period where personal sites, such as blogs and MySpace profiles, are becoming to fastest-growing type of Internet traffic. And like all things, there are thousands of uses for this type of techonology as well.
    Sites such as MySpace offer everyone with an Internet connection the ability to create their own virtual billboard. It can contain simple information and a way to connect with long distance friends and family. Bands and TV shows have begun to promote themselves on the site to better connect to their fans.
    Now we see that folks are taking MySpace and adapting it for use as a global missing personís board. In just a few moments, the people who are searching for a missing person can potentially reach millions of members, one of which may hold the clue to finding their lost loved ones.
    News reports lately have reported several instances of predators who have used MySpace to hunt potential victims. Trench, one of the founding members of the True Crime Blogroll, has a blog dedicated to MySpace Crime. But MySpace, like any other tool, can be used for good or evil.
    The next time you are on MySpace, checking your comments and seeing how many of your friends have messaged you, take a moment to look at some of the missing personís sites. Perhaps you or someone you know holds the clue to finding one of these people. Also think about adding them to your friends lists, so that more folks have the chance to see the images of the missing. Perhaps someone you know holds the key to locating one of these missing people.
    Here are just a few of the Missing Personís pages on MySpace. You can look at their friendís lists and find many more.
    Do You Recognize Me?
    Sharon Marshall
    Dorothy Jane Scott

    This was written by Stephen McCaskill. Posted on Friday, December 29, 2006, at 12:51 pm. Filed under Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. Follow comments here with the RSS feed. Post a comment or leave a trackback.

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    Do you think you can put my daughter's missing myspace page on as well? Thank you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Emily'sFather View Post
    Do you think you can put my daughter's missing myspace page on as well? Thank you.

    So sincerely sorry for what you are going through. I have been there. Biodad abducted my son, a lot of fighting, mostly w/authorities...he was in my arms in 3 months,very hard, long, 3 months.....I personally feel your pain. Our thoughts and prayers are sincerely with you.

    Thank you for posting.

    I have started a separate thread about your daughter in the MySpace Forum, CLICK HERE.

    I will see that you get added to LTWH MySpace page also.

    For those interested in following/participating in assisting this father in how to see he daughter again, please join in here on Emily's thread, already being 'sleuthed' here: Emily Nialyn Manion Machado, 3, Berwyn, IL

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    I'm a child advocate with a network in San Diego, CA. If anyone wants me to post their information on my site, I'd be more than happy to.

    I don't think it's wrong to extend the search to MS. Any help can do!




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    I wanted to post my fb page, I'm not sleuthy enough yet to be able to start a thread but be warned, it is in its infancy and not the best YET I'm a technology rebel and shied from social networking until earlier this year!
    Keep Them On The Radar is for circulating information and updates, reminding my "likes" who is still missing.
    Thank you!
    "Wolves hide in the company of men." -Inertiatic ESP

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