Hello Fellow Sleuthers,

As you know Websleuths is taking on advertisers to help cover the cost of running along with many other expenses.

Our first advertiser, Backgroundchecks.com is an incredible company.

The good news is we have so many people coming here to read that I have to keep double checking the numbers. In a bit under two weeks ( I think) we had 2,302,106 impressions.

Keep in mind the "numbers" have nothing to do with how many members we have. The numbers have everything to do with the number of people, members and non-members, who come to read at WS.

Makes me break out the dancing love bananas I am so happy. :Banane59::Banane59::Banane59:

Problem is not too many people are clicking on the banners nor buying anything from Backgroundchecks.com

Heads Up.

You will see some changes in the banners and their placement. There will be more placed on the forum with different messages.

The only reason I am telling you this is because I don't want you to think I am getting greedy by placing more ads. I am only trying to get something that will work well for WS.

Many of you offered to send me donations. As I hope you know by now that, although the thought is greatly appreciated, I do not accept donations.

What I need you to do, if you are able to support WS, is to click on one of the banner/ads and purchase something. Now, ONLY IF YOU HAVE A USE FOR IT. Don't just buy something without having a need for it.

Perhaps you have a friend or a family member you can help by doing a background check for them if you don't need any background info on people you know.

Backgroundchecks.com offers many different things. Not just criminal and not expensive things either. You can find out email addresses and other small things like this.

The only way to support Websleuths is to click on the banner and purchase something and I'll be honest, if you have been thinking about purchasing something I would appreciate it if you did so soon. We have the server bill coming up and I want to pay it without having to go to someone else for help.

Yes, we are working on T-Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Calendars, and other fun items but those are going to be a long time coming. It's a slow process. We are designing a logo now.

It is so amazing how far Websleuths has come since the beginning of August. All the thanks goes to you, the posters, for participating and making Websleuths the number 1 true crime forum on the Internet. Number 1 in my opinion anyway

Take care and thank you again.