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    Find someone's addy via locating polling place

    I just figured this out...

    I went to my state legislation home page and I can type in anyone's name, county and bday and it will give me their address and polling place.


    So, with Name, county, bday, you can find someone's addy via locating polling place. NICE.

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    Not every state is that generous. Mine isn't.

    If your local public library has a subscription to Ancestry.com, you can sometimes find information on people through their public records and telephone listings. It's even nicer if you have your own subscription to Ancestry.com. Also, there are subscription background check sites. They'd be helpful if you spend a lot of time sleuthing and searching for many people. Don't forget city directories and online directories.
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    This is true, but how many people for whom you have all of that information would you not also be able to find their polling place address? You'd probably know that if you knew their precise birthday and country already, right? I just tried it and it does not work unless you use the precise date of birth. I'm not trying to be critical, but just wondering how useful that would be when looking for someone? Someone who is truly hiding probably isn't registering to vote so the address you'd find would be their former address. I think previously when we weren't using all of this technology a person might not think of such a thing and would still register not thinking someone could find them that way (an ex found me by my forwarding address in the 80s), but today they would. Maybe I'm missing something, though.

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