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    Sorry guys,
    My laptop had to be sent away and "fixed"...it crashed with a horrible virus. But anyway, from what I had written, I have been told that the GBI does know of all of the information I have posted. I am sure they know a lot more than we do.
    I really don't know much more than what I have already told you. I will relay anything I do find out.
    I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...

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    Thank you Sugarbritches

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    Ya know ya'll have hit upon something that has been bothering me since the beginning. I just dont know. i go back and forth on that issue so much that I just dont know what to believe. On one hand, yes Tara could have been pregnant but, if that is the case then the person whom many believe to be the killer would be innocent because he was away. Unless, she was further along and I would think someone would have picked up on that. She was a small framed woman, like myself, and pregnancy shows quickly. (at least mine did) and if she wasnt pregnant and that money found was from a loan payback from one of the pagent girls, who is she? I dont recall any type of release about her stating that to the police, but who knows, the police havent been very forthcoming (darn them) haha with us, the mere public wanting to play arm chair detectives. (All is stated in complete humor) but seroiusly, I dont recall anybody being able to track down the girl who gave Tara the money. Anybody else recall any of that?

    I remember it coming out that there was femine products in the trash can at her home and the reason why I remember it is because it felt so odd, like someone wanted to hurry up and squash any rumors that she might have been pregnant.

    i know we talked about it here a long time ago, back when HeyPaula and NascarMom was daily sleuthers. Anybody else remember what Im talking about? anybody?

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