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    Here kitty, kitty

    When the home owner looks out and sees a "big cat" on her front porch, she calls 911, Animal Control and the Fish and Game Department. A police officer was dispatched to her home to investigate, dispatcher tells him that it was a big housecat.

    Imagine the officer's shock when he arrives and finds an 80-90 pound male mountain lion.


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    We live in Sacramento right by the river and Sacramento State University. My sister had one in her back yard that came over from the river for a visit. We had some tense moments.

    It must have quite a shock for the Animal Control Officer.

    Thanks for the link.

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    omg, thats funny....well, maybe not for that poor woman and the officer!!

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    lol we once took our pet cat to the vet when i was a little girl. the vet came in and told us he was not a domestic cat. lol we had a bobcat. well a hybrid. half domestic half bob cat.

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    I think that woman needs to get her eyes checked pronto...lol.
    That's Ms Crime Junkie to you Mr Baez...

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    A True Yet Funny Story

    I used to live in the mountains of Colorado. You did NOT leave food out for your pets or leave unscreened doors open because there where a number of citters, big and small who would love to eat your stuff including pets or hide behind your dryer.

    An aquaintance of mine recently moved here from back east wanted to raise ducks. She bought passel of chcks around Easter. She had a wide fenced front deck that wrapped down one side. She put put chicken wire sides and tops, hay on the floor to protect the chicks, a kids swimming pool too for water and set them free. They turned into chubby big critters who would snap at your legs and leave serious bruises. They where always allowed into the house (ugh) and sometimes slept with the kids.

    Family and visitors knew to enter by the rear sliding doors.

    After a while so did the mountain lions. They came running up the back deck while her poor husband was grilling hambergers, stormed through the screen door, ran through the house, slammed through the shutters and feasted on the tasty confined fowl. My friend was devastated, her husband spent months getting the claw prints out of their hardwood floor.

    PS. For real...this same woman had a beautiful young toddler. He had real red, red hair. She put him out on the deck in his crank up swing. After a few minutes he was screaming. A whole bunch of humming birds decended on his head pecking away looking for necture.

    They moved back to Chicago that fall.

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