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    Updates for Saturday, October 4th,2008 - No Discussion

    Update Thread for Saturday, October 4th,2008
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    - No Discussion

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    Sheriff Beary: Casey Anthony "One of the toughest he's come in contact with"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZRiverRat View Post
    Adding to that:

    The sheriff also said that he is hopeful that the case will come to a close before he leaves office in less than three months.
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    Orlando Sentinel's Hal Boedeker:
    Friday was a slow day on the Caylee Anthony story, but at 11 p.m., WKMG-Channel 6 offered a strong, exclusive interview with Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary.

    Reporter Mike Holfeld asked if Beary believed the missing little girl is dead.

    "My dad instinct says you never want to give up, but the way the evidence is looking that's probably what's going to be down the road," Beary said.

    "She's gone?" Holfeld asked.

    "She's gone," Beary replied.


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    News13 Orlando is reporting that Texas Equusearch is coming back to Orlando.

    reported today 10-04-08

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    "A veteran investigator in the case of missing Caylee Anthony describes the child's mother as one of the toughest individuals he's ever run into, according to Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary."

    From the same link as above.

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    More info on TES returning to Orlando.

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