For everyone working on various states - if you google "Legal Aid Society" and the state, you'll get a list of various Legal Aid Society offices by county/city - Legal Aid offers free legal advice/counsel, and generally also free information. I think it would be worth it to include these links by state. I can start doing this tomorrow too.

Also googling "Public Defender" and the state will give you lists of public defenders offices by county. Public Defenders usually do criminal cases, but in areas that are less wealthy per-capita but receive a lot of state/federal assistance (usually farming states), the Public Defenders office will take on more "Legal Aid Society"-type cases because of the lack of lawyers.

Sorry if I sound like a cheerleader for law, but I think knowing your rights and the related law - even if you never talk to a lawyer - will make it easier to talk to LE and they will know you did your homework.