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    Cemetery offers coffin with panic button

    A cemetery in Santiago, Chile is offering its clients coffins with a sensor that detects any movement inside them after they have been buried.

    According to the Camino a Canaan cemetery the sensor attached to the coffin is to avoid anyone being buried alive.

    Spokesperson for the cemetery told La Cuarta: "We want to be pioneers and avoid catalepsy cases, in which a person gets completely paralysed for a few hours and ends up buried as if they were dead.


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    Spooky!! I watched a really bad movie (or maybe it was a bad book) once about this person who was buried alive back in the olden days. Apparently, back then, before they really knew what comas were, they tied a string to the dead person's hand and it went through the top of the grave and was attached to a bell. They had someone on "watch" for the first few days to listen for the bell. If it rang, they undug the person. Anyway, the movie was set in modern times, but the investigator (a female) was trying to investigate the murder of her aunt (I think) and the murderer tried to kill the investigator the same way . . . creepy!! LOL

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