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    AR - Paul Walker, 74, shot dead in his bed, Rogers, 3 Oct 2008

    Myrtle Marie Walter was being held Monday without bond in the Benton County jail on a capital murder charge in the slaying of Paul Walter, 74, at their home in Rogers.
    She told police she and her husband had been drinking Friday night and she had four or five beers. She said her husband wanted to have sex but she did not want to, and she could no longer tolerate the mental abuse, according to court records.
    She retrieved a loaded gun, returned to the bedroom and shot her husband once, then fired two more times when she saw him move, court documents say. Rogers police arrested her Saturday and recovered a .357-caliber revolver that was on the bed.
    Myrtle Walker told police she aimed at her husband's head, but did not know where she shot him because the bedroom light was off, according to court documents. She said her husband was asleep, lying face down. She said she was sorry for shooting him, but relieved he was gone, according to court documents.


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    Umm, how come he was demanding sex and mentally abusing her if he was asleep?

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    ooops, better stop saying 'im at my wits end' then. That's not a good ending.
    Only my opinion, no one else need agree.

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    Maybe he was a mean nasty drunk. I've read that if older men have dementia they can become very mean and demanding of sex from their wives, but she could have left him if that was the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by txsvicki View Post
    Maybe he was a mean nasty drunk. I've read that if older men have dementia they can become very mean and demanding of sex from their wives, but she could have left him if that was the problem.
    I don't believe it would be easy for a 75-year-old woman to just up and leave.

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    She's being transferred to a geriatric psychiatric facility for evaluation.
    Walter testified during the hearing that she would be willing to go to Generations. "If it's warmer, it will be fine," Walter said when questioned by Taylor.

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    I don't know why, but I feel sorry for the woman. Not that I'm glad her hubby is dead, mind you. I wonder exactly how abusive he was?

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    I feel sorry for her as well. If she suffered sexual abuse during childhood and has dementia now; something could have confused her in her brain and she had a flashback with her husband wanting to have sex; so she killed him. Maybe he was too persistant about it. They're senior citizens for God's sake..

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    My mom always said that they never get to old to at least think about it
    If he was that old and drunk he probably couldn't even get it up and then blamed it on her. I don't think I'd want to have sex at 75 either...drunk or not!

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    October 2008:

    Taylor provided Circuit Judge John Scott with a letter from Dr. Gary Linker that claims Myrtle Walter suffers from dementia, which causes her to experience periods of confusion. Linker's letter also states that Walter's physical condition is strained because of medical conditions that include hypertension, high cholesterol and cerebrovascular disease. Her adaptive functioning is compromised because of dementia, complications of depression and a long-standing anxiety disorder as a result of sustained sexual abuse in childhood, the letter states.

    Linker claims Walter's intellectual functioning has declined because of her dementia and she gets lost while driving, cannot recall previously well-learned names and at times has difficulty naming common objects.

    Linker recommended that Walter be admitted to Generations to make diagnostic observations, to complete structured neuropsychological testing and to fully evaluate her medical status so that he (Linker ) can make the most accurate recommendations in the case..

    April 2009:

    A Rogers woman says she drank as many as four beers before shooting her husband to death in order to have "strength to do it" or to get her "to the point of not caring."

    Those comments from Myrtle Marie Walter, 76, come from a mental evaluation filed in Benton County Circuit Court...

    A judge has already found Walter competent to stand trial.

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    December 2011 - pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

    Stone told Circuit Judge Jon Comstock that Walter, who was 75 at the time of the shooting, drank several beers and then retrieved a gun and shot her husband three times.

    The act was a purposeful killing, but Stone said a thorough review of the case, including a pattern of abuse over a number of years perpetrated on Walter by her husband and Walter’s mental condition, supported the manslaughter charge.
    Taylor has said Walter was raped by her husband on different occasions.
    A Rogers woman was sentenced to five years probation and 150 hours of community service this morning for killing her husband...

    Walter's attorney W.H. Taylor presented evidence and testimony that documented years of abuse Walter endured from her husband.

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