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    ME Laws/Alerts in Place

    Please post Maine's Laws/Alerts in Place here.

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    Subtitle 2: HEALTH
    3034. Missing persons

    1. Files; information. The Office of Chief Medical Examiner shall maintain files on missing persons sufficient for the purpose of identification when there is reason to suspect that those persons may not be found alive. These files may include such material as medical and dental records and specimens, details of personal property and physical appearance, samples of hair, fingerprints and specimens that may be useful for identification. The Chief Medical Examiner may require hospitals, physicians, dentists and other medical institutions and practitioners to provide information, samples and specimens. A person participating in good faith in the provision of the information, samples or specimens under this section is immune from any civil or criminal liability for that act or for otherwise cooperating with the Chief Medical Examiner.
    [ 1991, c. 339, 5 (NEW) .]
    2. Confidentiality; disclosure. All information and materials gathered and retained pursuant to this section must be used solely for the purposes of identification of deceased persons and persons found alive who are unable to identify themselves because of mental or physical impairment. The files and materials are confidential, except that compiled data that does not identify specific individuals may be disclosed to the public. Upon the identification of a deceased person, those records and materials used for the identification may become part of the records of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner and may then be subject to public disclosure as pertinent law provides.
    [ 1991, c. 339, 5 (NEW) .]
    3. Reporting of missing persons. Missing persons may be reported directly to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner by interested parties. Law enforcement agencies or other public agencies that receive reports of missing persons, or that gain knowledge of missing persons, shall report that information to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Law enforcement agencies shall report all attempts to locate missing persons to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. All absences without leave by individuals from state institutions must also be reported to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner when there exists a reasonable possibility of harm to that individual.
    [ 1991, c. 339, 5 (NEW) .]
    4. Cooperation. All state and law enforcement agencies and public and private custodial institutions shall cooperate with the Office of Chief Medical Examiner in reporting, investigating, clearing and gathering further information and materials on missing persons.
    [ 1991, c. 339, 5 (NEW) .]
    1991, c. 339, 5 (NEW).

    Chapter 257: MISSING CHILDREN
    2154. Missing child reports

    1. Duty of law enforcement agency. Upon the filing of a missing child report by the child's parents, guardian or legal custodian, the law enforcement agency receiving written notification shall immediately:
    A. Inform all on-duty law enforcement officers of the missing child report; [1993, c. 425, 2 (NEW).]
    B. Communicate the report to every other law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the county in which the report was filed; [1993, c. 425, 2 (NEW).]
    C. Enter or cause the report to be entered for inclusion in the State Police and National Crime Information Center computer files on missing children; and [1997, c. 608, 5 (AMD).]
    D. Submit information in the missing child report to the clearinghouse. [1993, c. 425, 2 (NEW).]
    [ 1997, c. 608, 5 (AMD) .]
    2. Report status. A missing child report filed with a law enforcement agency having jurisdiction is sufficient documentation for entering a juvenile in the missing persons file maintained by the clearinghouse and the National Crime Information Center or its successor.
    [ 1993, c. 425, 2 (NEW) .]
    3. Parental kidnapping. In the case of parental kidnapping, the law enforcement agency shall obtain, when possible, a certified copy of the custody papers from the reporting parent, guardian or legal custodian.
    [ 1993, c. 425, 2 (NEW) .]
    4. Medical and dental records. Within 60 days after a law enforcement agency enters the report of a missing child into the State Police and National Crime Information Center computers, that law enforcement agency shall verify and update the record with any additional information, including, when available, medical and dental records.
    [ 1997, c. 608, 6 (NEW) .]
    5. Child missing from interim care.
    [ 2003, c. 443, 1 (NEW); MRSA T. 25, 2154, sub-5 (RP) .]
    1993, c. 425, 2 (NEW). 1997, c. 608, 5,6 (AMD). 2003, c. 443, 1 (AMD). 2003, c. 689, B6 (REV). MRSA T.25 ., 2154/5 (AMD).

    Maine AMBER Alert Plan ~ Requirements

    1. The AMBER Plan requires law enforcement to meet three criteria when evaluating a child abduction. Police departments must have all 3 criteria present before an activation can occur.

    The AMBER Plan should be activated ONLY when:
    (1) a child 17 years of age or younger is abducted*
    (2) there is reason to believe the victim is in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or
    (3) there is information available to disseminate to the general public which could assist in the safe recovery of the victim and/or the apprehension of a suspect.
    2. The AMBER Plan is activated only when the specific requirements of the plan are met as outlined above. An AMBER activation is not to be used for runaways, most child custody disputes, or missing children. An AMBER activation is appropriate only for child abduction committed by a stranger, or by a parent if there is strong evidence that the parent intends to cause imminent bodily harm to the child.


    A Child Is Missing Alert Program (ACIM)
    Approx. 33 Maine law enforcement agencies use this free service, which is supported by federal and state funding, donations and special events. Check with local LE.

    Subscribe to receive ACIM Alerts at http://www.achildismissing.org/sign.asp

    Citizen Alert System
    Maine.gov's Citizen Alert System has been established as a way for Maine state government to keep the public informed about events that may impact public health or safety. Information issued through the Maine.gov Citizen Alert System is provided directly from authorized state government officials.

    Receive Alerts with Twitter!
    Citizen alerts through Twitter, a service that allows for sending and receiving short messages using the web, instant messaging, or telephone messaging.


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