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    7 indictments outlined below

    Between june 15 - june 16,2008 unlawfully killed Caylee anthony
    count 1.1st degree murder
    count 2.aggravated child abuse (great bodily harm)
    count 3.aggravated manslaughter of a child (willfully or copable negligence) ( I think this one is in case they cannot porve the premeditated murder they can still get her on manslaughter)

    4,5,6,7 are the same law violations by statue. defendant provided false information
    count 4. knowingly and willingly gave false information to yuri that Kc was empolyed
    count 5. told Yurithat KC left the child at SAwgrass apartments
    count 6. false info to Yuri, Kc informed person Jeffery and julliett of Caylee diapperance
    count 7. false info to Yuri about phone Call from Caylee on july 15th

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