there are 3 cases from the 70's that have never been solved...There is a group of us trying to find info on these.
We have found the newspaper articles and such but have hit a dead in as the police will not release any info because they are considered to be still open. I have seen the great work many of you have done and was hoping you would share some insights on where to look for info and how to obtain more info. I am in no way connected to these but as a mother of 2 children of my own I want justice for these families. I do not think they are all connected but the last 2 have more simalarites that the first one. I really hope someone can direct me on how to proceed with these cases

I am gonna Provide some quotes on each one directly out of the paper.
Sweeney Murder
 Found In upstairs loft of The Blue Lick Auction Barn covered with rags and a tarpulin
 Died around 11:00 am 4/28/74 of asphyxation by strangulation

Burkett Murder
 Found June 10th about 30 yards in the CSF in washington county
 Hands Had been wired above his head,He had been beaten,His skull was fractured and he had been strangled
 appeared the body had been dragged for some distance through the woods
 Founds by 2 trail bikers riding along the fire lane

[LIST] Donnie Abell
• Last seen Sept 27 leaving Henryville High around 9:00 am
• Found On Bartle Knob road 3 miles north of Willis Chapel Rd. By a family hunting for nuts
• Body was badly decomposed
• shoes were missing
• Only apparent injury Skull fracture induced by a blunt object
• Body was dumped where it was found police theorized

Also in another article Police had strong leads in the Abell case School lockers were searched but nothing was ever told if anything was found
Students and Employees were interveiwed
Both boys were last seen at school the day they disappeared