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Bacardi pays N.J. community to change name to 'Mojito'
TRENTON, New Jersey (AP) — Here's a new Bacardi recipe: Take a small New Jersey community, add $5,000, and for half a month, you've got a locality named after a cocktail.

A traditional Cuban drink, mojitos have enjoyed new popularity in recent years.
Business Wire

For the first half of May, the small, rural community of Richland will be called "Mojito," named for a drink made of rum, mint leaves, lime, sugar and club soda. Richland is a section of Buena Vista Township, near Atlantic City.

The Buena Vista Township Committee voted 5-0 on April 26 to authorize the new name after the rum maker Bacardi offered to give the township $5,000 for recreation projects such as new playground equipment in public parks.

A road sign along Route 40 promoting mojitos has already been raised. And Bacardi plans to use images from Richland in advertising promotions.

Buena Vista Mayor Chuck Chiarello sees the renaming as a way to support the local economy, which is heavily based on agriculture. Dalponte Farms in Richland is the main supplier of mint for Bacardi.