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    Man survives after nails get embedded in head

    A workman on a Californian building site is lucky to be alive after having six nails embedded in his head.

    Isidro Mejia suffered the injuries after a nail gun was accidentally set off on the site.

    Doctors operated over five days in an effort to remove the 4in nails.

    He wasn't expected to survive the accident, but it's now reported he should make a full recovery, says the Daily Record.

    One of the doctors who treated him said: "When you have nails embedded that far into your skull, you don't normally survive but he is doing well."


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    ** UPDATE **

    New article with x-ray of nails in the guys head!!!


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    Amazing! Those nails were four inches!!!!!!! He must have had a guardian angel that day-they penetrated his brain!

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