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    Acceptable Email Addresses

    Websleuths (WS) Member Email Address Information

    In order to register an account you must have access to an email account where you can receive messages from us that meets the criteria below. Please read ALL the information below before asking questions about our email policy.

    Generally Acceptable:

    Email accounts provided through a regular (paid) Internet Service Provider (ISP), school, business, organization or other entity which you must be either a customer or member of to get the address, with some exceptions as described below.

    Generally Not Acceptable:

    Email addresses that are provided for free to the public, such as Hotmail, gmail and similar services.

    What's the problem with free email accounts?

    Free email accounts are attractive to spammers (people who post advertisements and other objectionable content) and trolls (people who join just to cause trouble) because the owner of the account cannot be traced back to the real world person that signed up for it.

    What about America Online (AOL)?

    One of the features of this board is that you can sign up to get an email when a thread you are interested in is updated. As the board has gotten busier, the number of these emails being sent has increased. Some of our members with AOL addresses, instead of coming here to turn off the announcements they no longer wanted to see, reported Websleuths to AOL as a sender of SPAM, and AOL blocks mail incoming from websleuths.com as spam. This also means any members with AOL email addresses will be unable to get notification of private messages or change their passwords, which functions are also done via email. We have disabled email on all existing accounts with AOL addresses and will not accept new members with AOL email addresses until this situation is resolved. We have followed AOL's procedures, but as we are not AOL customers they have refused to change their position. If you are an AOL member they may listen to you and reverse this decision and if so this policy will change, but there is no more we can do at this point.

    What if I want to join but don't have an acceptable address?

    We will work to register all that wish to join. If you have a question about whether your email address is acceptable, contact us via the administrative email address before you try to register. Otherwise your registration will be automatically rejected and it will be more difficult for us to get you set up. Just a hint - a message such as "I'd like to register but all I have is an AOL account - can you help?" will get a much more favorable response than "I've had a paid AOL account for years, I'll sue you if you don't let me register immediately!".

    Changing your email:

    If you change your email address make sure you update it here, or email sent to you will begin to bounce back to us.

    If your email address stops working and/or email sent to it begins to bounce:

    We may put your account on "inactive" status to prevent any more email being sent. You will need to contact a member of the staff to update your email address and return to "Registered" status if this happens.

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    If you have any questions about the email policy, please post them in this thread. Thank you!

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    ISPs that are currently blocking all email from websleuths.com. For each of these we have followed their procedures to prove to them we are not spammers, but so far they have not removed the block:


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