Many people have seen the pictures of Bigfoot before, but after this story you may look at a famous Bigfoot video in a whole new light.
KATU's Ed Teachout investigates the truth behind whether there really is a Bigfoot.

Deep in the forests of the Northwest lives a legend some say will never die.

When a Washington family revealed they used sandals to fool everyone that Bigfoot was real, they thought the Northwest legend would fade.

So far it hasn't and the Bigfoot lore lives on.

In the past two years believers continue to uncover evidence the creature exists even through the creators of Bigfoot came forward with new evidence, suggesting the Bigfoot story is just that.

Some believers said they have seen Bigfoot, "they were big feet from what I've heard from child hood these giant apes," said Bigfoot researcher Todd Neiss.

"I've heard one, I found foot prints and of course I smelled one," said Zoologist Dr. Henner Fahrenbach.

"I seen it with my own two eyes this creature exists, it's not a belief it's a fact," said Bigfoot eyewitness Terry Reams.

Believers have collected casts of footprints, photographs of the creature relaxing, and eating a deer