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    Libya - Nurses Get Death Sentences For Allegedly Giving 400 Kids AIDS

    A Libyan court sentenced six Bulgarian medics to death on Thursday on charges that they intentionally infected more than 400 children with the AIDS virus.

    International observers had been monitoring the trial in the coastal city of Benghazi, where the Bulgarians -- five nurses and a doctor -- were employed at a hospital when they were arrested in February 1999. Bulgaria has claimed they have been tortured in Libyan custody.

    Prosecutors demanded death sentences, accusing the Bulgarians of intentionally infecting the children with HIV-contaminated blood as part of an experiment to find a cure for AIDS. Twenty-three of the children reportedly have since died of AIDS.

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    This is completly horrid!
    Sooo who can you trust these days!!!!

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    Not a Libyan Court, for sure!

    I had to find out what happened to them. The strain of HIV the kids had/have was present before the Bulgarians got there.
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