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    Mrs. Albert Fish, Missing 1917 {?}

    Serial killer Albert Fish {executed 1936}-supposedly his wife left him in January 1917 for a handyman John Straube-at least that is what Fish Claimed happened to her...was he telling the truth? In at least two other serial killers cases...the killer claimed the missing victim had gone abroad-when in fact they would later turn up dead..........

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    After reading your post I did a little searching on Fish, very grusome reading!! With the little bit I read I'm thinking his wife did actually leave him, they had 6 children and there was mention of his son being in contact with him in later years. His wife was 19 when they married and was with him for 19 years, probably stayed because of the children and fled when they were old enough, I can't imagine what kind of he77 he probably put her through all those years. If she had run off with someone unknown it would be more suspicous, the fact that the man did have a name and had been a boarder there at the house, it explains it better. I hope she was able to have some peace in her final years. I wonder how the 6 children fared? Since he preyed so much on young boys you have to wonder if he also victimized his own sons, 4 of them, and after what he did to the young girl victims, well I hope his own 2 daughters were spared!

    My heart goes out to the families of his victims, just reading the letter he sent to the 1 family would have sent a mother and father over the edge, he really seemed to enjoy telling the details and did admit to killings so if he had killed his wife, I'm thinking he would have enjoyed giving those details also.

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    Albert Fish is one of those criminals that I hope is boiling in a special pit in Hell made just for him.

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    He may have been responsible for little Billy Gaffney's disappearance too.

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    If I recall well from a documentary about Fish, his wife left for the handyman, but only after finding out about an S&M homosexual affair he was having on the side. I don't think Fish was abusive with his own family, just aloof and secretive. This fits the profile of many serial killers.

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    I recently read John Borowski's compilation of Albert Fish's letters, Albert Fish: In His Own Words, and discovered some unsettling information.

    A few years ago I read Harold Schecter's Deranged, and the "Kedden" incident really interested me. When I looked for more information online, I learned that Fish was accused of attacking a man named Thomas Bedden. When I looked for more information on "Thomas Bedden", it usually came to nothing. The most I found was a newspaper article about Fish claiming that police could not locate a man named "Thomas Bedden". This puzzled me for a while, at least until I read Borowski's book.

    If you read Fish's own letter recounting the "Kedden" experience, he makes it very clear that the boy's name is "Thomas Kedden". After reading Fish's letter, I am almost certain that the newspaper misprinted the name as "Thomas Bedden", or that the police accidentally got the name wrong.

    What's so bizarre is that when Schecter recounts the "Kedden" incident, he says it took place in St. Louis, Missouri. When Fish himself recounts it, he claims it took place in Wilmington, Delaware. If you research the information available online about Fish, it clearly states that Fish attacked Thomas "Bedden" in Wilmington, Delaware.

    From learning all this, I have concluded that there was no incident that took place in St. Louis, nor was there a "Thomas Bedden", but there was a "Thomas Kedden" incident that took place in Delaware.

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